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Jason Heintz

[US][24/7][PvE] Pandoras Oasis | Modded | 10 Alive Sectors | 5x Inventory

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Jason and I am new to the Avorion community. I purchased the game on March 21st, 2020 and have already put in over 160 hours actively playing the game. Needless to say, I don't regret this purchase at all and have loved every second of the gameplay. I have decided to spin up two servers for Veteran and Expert difficulties. They are hosted on a dedicated server so we shouldn't have any downtime, but things can happen and will be fixed as soon as possible if they happen. All servers are PvE only, but I may spin up a PvP server at some time in the future.




Server 1: [uS WEST][24/7][PvE] Pandoras Oasis | Veteran

Description: Modded | 10 Alive Sectors | 5x Inventory



Server 2: [uS WEST][24/7][PvE] Pandoras Oasis | Expert

Description: Modded | 10 Alive Sectors | 5x Inventory




Mod List:


Both servers have the same mods.


Compass-like Gate Pixel Icons

Laserzwei's Basic Commands for the Carrier Commander

Laserzwei's Carrier Commander

Laserzwei's Advanced Shipyard

Sector Overview

Galaxy Map QoL

Resource Display

No Independent Targeting Penalty

Turrets x2

Transfer Cargo Tweaks

Trash Manager

AzimuthLib - Library for modders

Laserzwei's simple asteroid respawn mod

Claimable Resource Asteroids

Auto Research

Research Station Lib

Zee's Mining & Salvaging Systems

Detailed Turret Tooltips

War Zone / Hazard Zone Tweaks

Shieldly (Clear shields)

Weapon Engineering

Salvage and mining laser range improvement

DNightmare's ScrapyardPlus

Scaling Turret System

Increased Shuttle Capacity

Config Loader

Bigger Asteroids and Fields More Resources Version

All turrets independent

Variable Equipment Docks 1.0

Laserzwei's Move Asteroids

claim.lua claim() hook

Ores Refining Time -10x

Plll6 Loot4CarrierCommander


Workshop collection of mods




Anyone is free to join and have fun. If you encounter any issues please let me know. Discord



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