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[0.33.6] Hyperspace Interrupter and Fidget not working as intended


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A merchant warped into my system with pirates on its tail and my ships wouldn't be able to reach the pirates in time before they wreck it and warp out. So I used a Hyperspace Interrupter that I found in secret stashes to stop them so that I can get them. But upon doing that, an invincible enemy named "Fidget" warped into my system and triggered a "boss fight." The bandits decided to fight my ships nonetheless after using the hyperspace blocker.


After killing all the pirates, I now have to deal with Fidget. But just like all the comments he was gloating to me all the time, none of my weapons could hurt him; he just keeps blinking (teleport) all over the place. And there is no guide or in-game hint how to deal with him. But fortunately, I had another Hyperspace Interrupter in my inventory. According to the description, it said that it's an item capable of "Blocking Fidget's warp engine." So used it. But even after using it, Fidget still keeps teleporting and because that was my last Hyperspace Interrupter, there is NO way how I can kill Fidget with his blinking ability. So I gave up, and warped my combat ships out.


What and who is "Fidget?" And is he and the "Hyperspace Interrupter" supposed to be working as intended?


[EDIT] Shoot. I forgot to post my logs. I skimmed through my browser history and found the correct clientlog, but I'm unsure if the serverlog is correct:


Clientlog: https://pastebin.com/G19Nvthn (expires in 1 month)

Serverlog: https://pastebin.com/4QHfknpK (expires in 1 month)

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