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[0.33.5] Missing Enemy of my Enemy Quest Description; Unable to Progress w/ fix


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A few days ago, I was doing the Enemy of My Enemy quest chain and reached the point where I have to fetch materials.


However, since the latest beta update, I soon discovered that the quest description disappeared. At first I was shocked. But thankfully, I still remember where the Friend's location was. Upon visiting and interacting with him, it put me to the dialogue as if it's the first time speaking with him. After I went through it, I see no updated mission notification, and the descrition was still blank.


After all this, I've decided to restart my game. When I did, the description came back and I was able to deliver the required goods as normal.


But after that, I don't know how often this bug appears after the 0.33.5 beta hotfix...


Here's a screenshot before I restarted my game:



[6:46 PM UPDATE] I have bad news: After giving him the goods, I get no mission update. Nonetheless, I decided to take it to Botan to see how it plays out. Is this normal or is it a bug?


[7:48 PM UPDATE] Yep, the mission is definitely bugged. I'm stuck on the Goods delivery step. I was able to nail Botan in the end, but still got no mission update.


So this is probably an exploit in need of a patch because you can just get as many artifacts as you want just by delivering the goods to keep getting more Jammers and replaying the Bottan quest over and over again in the stuck quest step.


But above else, I won't be able to see how this quest really ends.


I was able to earn the boss achievement though!

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