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Beta Branch Update 0.33.5 - Patchnotes

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Patch 0.33.5


Date: March 7th, 2020


Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.


This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.



  • Escorting ships can now passively shoot nearby enemies as long as their protegee wasn't harmed yet
  • Reduced overall bounciness of physics
  • Fighters can now heal their mothership if ordered via fighter orders
  • AI piloted ships can now heal themselves when they have repair fighters



"We adjusted the pricing of turrets. Work in progress. There were some pretty harsh outliers, with salvaving, force or mining turrets selling for a price higher than most stations. Other turrets, like point defense cannons, almost cost nothing at all. You can still get crazy turrets for crazy prices, but it'll fit more to the kind of turret. Pricing is now more equally distributed and we removed some of the super harsh outliers, which we think is healthier for the game overall."

  • Adjusted prices of turrets
    • Pricing is now more equally distributed over all turret types
    • Fixed several issues with massive outliers in turret pricing
    • Fixed several outliers where turrets would cost / sell for nearly nothing at all

    [*]Energy suppressor now suppresses pirate attacks as well as xsotan and head hunter attacks

    [*]Reduced power of force fighters since they could be used for griefing a lot

    [*]Reduced probability of "free slaves" mission on bulletin boards

    [*]Increased damage of laser turrets

    [*]Increased damage of lightning turrets

    [*]Increased damage of tesla turrets

    [*]Increased damage of Laser Point Defense turrets


  • Workforce bars in the Crew Tab are now correctly updated to show the influence of the current morale
  • Added icon for "your cargo bay isn't configured to collect this"
  • Added a hint to crew tab about automatic crew payments
  • Disabled "Situational" turret targeting since it was mostly glitchy and unintuitive
  • Improved german translation
  • Classes of own ships are now shown on galaxy map and the fleet window
  • Added a button to change a ship's class from the fleet window
  • Improved the color "Orange" (yes really)
  • Added warnings for when inventory is full
  • The "Found Ship" button on the top right gets a highlight when a player tries to enter build mode while in the drone
  • Added quick transfer of items between alliance and player by holding shift
  • Improved the IME input (still not perfect, but we're on it!)
  • Added new stations pictures to encyclopedia and updated some descriptions
  • Improved visibility of name and emblem on ghost blocks in building mode
  • Added loading screen tip that talks about the detailed turret tooltip option
  • Lost fighters are now shown in sector tooltip on the galaxy map
  • Updated icon for resource depot
  • Added error messages for craft orders: heal, heal target, attack, attack enemy, guard, patrol
  • Updated encyclopedia


  • Increased visual size of fighters when they're big fighters
  • Added more debug logging to find more issues
  • Improved performance of alliance emblems
  • Added particle effect to crew loot to better recognize them
  • Added one more bug for you to find
  • The tutorial is now automatically terminated if the player loses his ship in building mode

Scripting API:

  • Added clearValues() functions to all objects that can have values set
  • Added a listFilesOfDirectory() function
  • Added a deleteFile() function
  • removeFolder(): only removes empty directories now
  • Added callback "onSectorGenerated" similar to "onRestoredFromDisk" for sectors being generated for the first time
  • Added a Galaxy:isFactionLoaded(...) function to check if a faction is currently in memory
  • Added a UIRect class
  • Added "slots" and "automatic" properties to fighters that always return 1 and false to simplify some code
  • Added a stoneDamageMultiplier property for armed objects


  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where after boarding a ship, the ship would still count as pirate, head hunter, etc.
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues with pirates, xsotan and head hunters spawning where they shouldn't
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where craft designs didn't restore their saved turret designs
    • Yes, they were supposed to do that from the very beginning

    [*][uBR] Fixed several issues with german translation in missions

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where every dialog with an entity started the exodus mission if a exodus beacon was in the same sector

    [*][uBR] Fixed ingredients list not being restored correctly

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where asteroids and other objects would jitter around while mining them

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where scrapping license duration of alliances wasn't shown in scrapyard

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where player wasn't put in the correct location after a jump

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue that led to only factories of size S being generated

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue that led to unarmed AI ships flying off into nothingness

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where hull polarizer would remove too many HP

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where expanded combo boxes weren't clickable when they expanded outside the window they were in

    [*]Fixed an issue that prevented reclassing of ships in some cases

    [*]Fixed an issue where Headquarters couldn't get missions on their bulletin board

    [*]Fixed an issue where explore sector couldn't be returned to stations except military outpost

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where compare window wasn't shown over other windows

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where several AI states didn't remember their last target over a game shutdown/reload

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue with generated ships not being able to turn correctly

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where high-tier turrets could be placed on too low material blocks

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where notifications for new mails were sent on every login, even if there was none

    [*][uBR] Fixed several issues with several introductory missions

    [*][uBR] Fixed several issues with mirroring of emblem and ship name blocks

    [*][uBR] Fixed a few exploits where maxmimum inventory size could be exceeded

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where damage malus between client and server was desynced, leading to wrong repair costs

    [*]Fixed an issue where no "you can't pick this up because..." notification was displayed for full inventory

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where morale jumped between good and bad if crews weren't paid on time

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where turret AI was sometimes picking targets incomprehensibly

    [*]Fixed shipyard build ship stats still being shown after back was pressed

    [*][uBR] Fixed an issue where after selecting a new language, loading screen tips weren't changed to the new language

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Man your just cranking these out!


A few of the smaller quality of life improvements you have doing have definitely been noticed and really made the game over all more enjoyable


- make so you cannot pick up dangerous cargo

-cannon rounds seem faster, I could just be delusional

-ship list on strategy view

-specific fighter commands based on their function

- on and on and on....




"Added one more bug for you to find"


Let the hunt begin!


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“Increased damage of lightning turrets”


You mean these weren’t already powerful enough?  :o  One of your loading screen tips is about their low accuracy offsetting their damage, but in reality they have pretty good accuracy.  If you’re gonna increase their damage further, can you lower their accuracy some?  Man small ships are so screwed....


Everything else looks great, though!  lol’d at the added a bug for us to find. :D

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You have a Pay-pal link so i can throw you a few Euros for some beers? you guys deserve it. Great work.

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Reduced probability of "free slaves" mission on bulletin boards


This was an unnecessary change.  Those are literally the ONLY way to get reputation most of the time. 

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Reduced probability of "free slaves" mission on bulletin boards


This was an unnecessary change.  Those are literally the ONLY way to get reputation most of the time.


You'd also get enough of that mission in a single sector to go from "bad" to "excellent". :D

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