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[0.33.4] Please improve AI navigation through asteroids


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I have an NPC hauler visiting one of my Oil Rig stations, but it seemed to be standing there and not moving for some reason. I try to think it could be some "bug" but how do I explain this? So I believed that the asteroids were in the way, but despite that the docks would push them away to make space, the NPC hauler was still standing there. So I begun removing the asteroids myself, which was an arduous task given that I can't get my AI ships to destroy/remove empty asteroids. After awhile, the hauler was able to move normally and was able to dock in my station to buy commodities. But now it has to move a few meters away from my station to warp and the asteroids were in the way again. So I had to go through the process of removing the asteroids again. All in all, the AI pathfinding was the problem here...


So that's why I ask to improve the AI navigation through an asteroid field. Or, at the very least, help improve removal of asteroids near mining stations.


Here's a screenshot of the situation before I fixed it through removing asteroids.


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