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[0.33.3] Turret limit doesnt remove turrets


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I am not 100% sure if this is a bug or it is as the developers intended. But considering that so many other systems need to be present on the ship to provide functional benefits, i will assume this is indeed a bug.


I have put onto my ship enough armed turret system to have 30 combat turrets.

I slap those 30 turrets onto my ship.

I remove the armed turret systems from my ship.

I still have those 30 turrets on my ship, they can shot and work no problem, while i have few free systems.





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Do they all work?  In my experience when you do this they are still attached to the ship, but only a few won't depending on how many turret slots you lost.  If they do then that's a very exploitable bug you found there lol.

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Yeah, they'll stay attached, but only up to how ever many slots worth you have will actually work.  You probably don't want them to be removed if you drop below the threshold, anyway, as there are things that can cause you to temporarily drop below the needed number (swapping upgrades, taking damage and losing enough blocks to drop your processing power enough to lose an upgrade slot with a TCS module in it, and similarly when redesigning your ship in build mode).

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