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Sort by DPS



The current sorting by DPS in my opinion does not work properly.


When i sort by DPS, why do i do so?

Well, because i want to mark all turrets below certain dps number as trash and sell them.

That will not work, if some turret that has 1000 dps and is 4 slot big is in front of the list, while a turret that has 500 dps and is 1 slot big is at the very end of the list.


Therefore i suggest a new formula,

Instead of making this [Damage] multiplied by [Rate of Fire]

make it [Damage] multiplied by [Rate of Fire] and divided by [slot size]

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I kind of second that idea, though I'd be satisfied with the second sorting drop down containing a slot size filter option.

So we could have DPS on the left and slot size on the right.


Would that be feasible?



And a bit off topic: is there a way to mark specific terms in the search field as to exclude them? E.g. I have Laser turrets and Point Defense Laser Turrets.

How do I only see the 'normal' laser turrets w/out the PD ones?

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