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[0.33.3] Ship stuck at warping


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Hold on tight, because this gonna be some mind blowing ride.


I order my Scout ship to perform a jump.

The ship refuses to perform jump order.

It has its warp engine charged but is just doing nothing at all.





The first part of the picture represents the proof that the ship is indeed under a jump order.

The second part proves that the ship is sitting nice and comfy and refuses to do the work that i pay the crew for!


This is not the end!

While i ve been writing this magnificent bug report, the ship performed a jump, took it just 15 minutes... or did it?





The topmost picture presents that the ship Scout has indeed moved to its destination after a long delay.

The bottommost picture proves that the ship Scout is now in two sectors at the same time.


Just so you know, the Scout ship if not lazy can perform a jumps on empty seconds every few seconds. Very high cooldown reduction.


I have no idea how to replicate the bug, to me for that specific scouting ship, it happens very often, as in every 3-4 orders its stuck.


clientlog https://pastebin.com/9KbFh7kG

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  • Developer

Could you try to send us steps to reproduce with a different ship? Have you checked if the ship actually takes that long to jump or if it gets duplicated? (In your second screenshot where you circled the word 'idle', you can see that the ship already is in the new sector.)

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You have send me a private message, but i will reply to the questions in that message here, so that other devs can have easier access to the answers.


Did you actually end up with two ships?

No i did not.


Can you fly both of them?

The other ship disappeared. After i have screen shot the occurrence, i ordered the visible shit to "Escort me". Afterwards i warped to other sector. When i checked the galaxy map, the scout ship followed me like normal. The secondary ship that was just the imagine on the galaxy map was gone.


Is your scout ship still doing it when you try to reproduce it?

It was getting stuck, i assumed that after some period of time when it was stuck, it would repeat the bug, so i did not do anything with that ship.

Right now i am unable to replicate the bug with that ship. Maybe restarting the game helped.


Is it possible that the ship jumps instantly but something else gets left behind?

I think that the ship that stayed was the original and whatever jumped was a fake or maybe a bug on UI display of the galaxy map.


I do not know the code of the game, however if i were to guess...

1. Maybe what happened was this... I have send my ship, the ship didnt acknowledge the order, however somehow the game server did receive it. When i opened the galaxy map, the game server send me an updated map where the ship jumped, while the real ship in the game was still in my sector (refusing to perform jump order). When i ordered that ship to escort me and then jumped to nearby sector with my main ship, the scout ship followed me like it should. However this time my client send to the server a new position of the ship and the server acknowledged it. In other words the client and server desynchronized, but me jumping again with the ship forced the server to synchronize, by ordering the server to save new position of the ship.

2. This bug could be related to the other bug, the one where you cant stack orders with shift while the ship is trying to jump to other sector.


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  • Developer

We can't reproduce what you are describing, but we also may have fixed it  in 0.33.4


[uBR] Fixed an issue where entities weren't transferred correctly between sectors

This might lead to some one-time ship duplication where this bug already happened in the background, no way around that, sorry!

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