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[0.33.2] Trading overview window next page button issue


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When you enter the trading overview window to see the list of goods that stations buy/sell you can click the Next page button " > "  even though there are no more items to show, doing so will show  a "next page" with nothing in it.


Here's an example,  this is what i can buy from stations in the sector




clicking the " > " button will show this:




This happens in both buy and sell tabs, to go back just click the other button ( < )


if you click more than one time it wil keep creating more of these "next pages" , say you ckick 10 times, then to go back you would have to click back 10 times as well.


to replicate this issue you have to install on your ship an improved trading system, go to any sector with stations in it and open the trading overview window, in my case i tested it with an uncommon one (green), and my galaxy is in creative mode

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