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Consider decreasing the clear space needed for Hangers to launch



The large clearance distance needed for Hangers to launch fighters causes restrictions to ship designs that otherwise would still make sense.  Consider for example this ship design:





There's really no reason why the hangers on this design shouldn't be functional.  They're actually set up very nicely, but because of the large clearance needed for them to work, they're all just decorative.  And to give some numbers on that, the primary "hanger bay" there is 8 x 12 block units in size.  The actual hanger blocks themselves are 1.5 x 3.5 ("bottom" hanger) and 2 x 3.75 (side hangers).  The whole ship is roughly 88 block units in length.


I get that by decreasing the clearance needed there's an increased risk of someone designing their ship in a way that results in a hanger launching into an area fighters can't get out of.  There may be ways to solve this, either through programmatic detection during build itself or of the fighter once launched (and then warp it out of the enclosed area), or even allow a player to designate a side of the hanger as being "closed".  Ultimately, though, IMO, this would be a fault of the player and their design and personally I don't feel as though it requires you all doing anything fancy to detect and solve.


IMO, the clearance of the hangers should only need to be a few block units.


If this would causes issues with ship/station generation, then add a separate stat to hangers for this large clearance that is only used in generation?


EDIT: It'd also be nice if it didn't require the entire zone to be clear?  Or the zone was also smaller than the actual blue glow?  That way we could put edge/corner pieces around the outside edge/corners of the hanger and give some of them the looks of something other than a perfect square/rectangle.  Like this:


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Why not just make the exit space needed a percentage of the face where the hangar exits are which match with the visual hanger borders?  If its based off of a percentage value, it should still work even if its stretched out really far in one dimension to make a super wide or tall hangar bay. 


As an example:

- You have a 12 x 6 hangar bay exit face

- Exit pathway is 8 x 4 (assuming that would match with the visual hangar edges).


Hangars could also be made to be similar to solar panels where if any dimension is less than a certian value the hangar exit won't visually show up and there would be no pathway generated.  You could set that minimum value to ensure that fighters will always be able to exit the ship.  Just an idea, but I agree that it would be nice to add more decorative stuff around the hangar exits.


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