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Beta Branch Patch 0.33.2 Patchnotes

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Patch 0.33.2


Date: March 3rd, 2020


Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.


This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.



  • Exodus artifact is dumped near the player
  • Resource Depots can now refine faster when equipped with assembly blocks
  • Implemented an AI command for repairing other ships
  • Renamed "Defense Weapons" to "Internal Defense Weapons" for better clarity
  • You can now drop stolen cargo to get controlling ships off your back
  • Prevention of player-to-player damage no longer prevents player-to-player healing
  • Increased time between spy report mails
  • Full cargo notification when mining and salvaging is now disabled if there is another command in the orderchain


  • Added new icons for Missions Tab
  • Improved design of Missions Tab
  • Improved input in ComboBoxes when using IME
  • Updated German Localization
  • Added a separate window to explain how Singleplayer starts a Singleplayer Server Instance
  • Improved layout of Crew Tab
  • Added separate settings to pick up different kinds of cargo
  • Added "your cargo bay is empty" line in CargoBay Tab if cargo bay is empty
  • Added an icon to resource depot when it has a finished refinery job


  • Added debug logging to find the cause of more issues
  • Several minor performance improvements


  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where entries with 0 cargo were showing up in fleet overview
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where integrity field wasn't shown in Building Mode
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues with aiming of coaxial weapons over long distances
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues where camera was moving on mouse move while windows were visible
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues where players could get stuck in tutorial
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where order chains would stop being executed
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where orientation of blocks wasn't taken into account while transforming
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where the overlap blocks check was wrong
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where ships would clump up after flying through a gate
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues with untranslated mails in Hangar/Fighter tutorial mission
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where allies of the player during the end boss fight could attack each other
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where "investigate missing freighters" mission lead players into a rift
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues with texts
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue in turret factory where the value of the created turret would way higher than its ingredients and production cost
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue in Strategy Mode where 2-step orders were finicky
  • [uBR] Fixed several issues with pirate encounters
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where fighting introduction didn't finish after pirate was destroyed

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