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[0.33.1] Cannot remote sell Servos


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Scrapping point defense chainguns and got surplus of Servos to sell. But upon commanding my ship sell to the appropriate factory that buys them, I get a "No station that buys Servos" error message. I took control of my ship to double check and confirm that the station indeed buys Servos. Manually selling them still works. But because of this remote selling bug, I am forced to sell them in person (manually).

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I've describe quite clearly everything in here. It's a straightforward moderate bug description that only needs common sense and because it impacts trading accessibility.


Does every bug report need logs? Even for a technical gameplay glitch?? They are supposed to be used for "crashes," right? It just contains console info for diagnosing those crashes.


Clientlog: https://pastebin.com/rvRgRAmD (expires in 1 month)

Serverlog: https://pastebin.com/gBVbJkyZ (expires in 1 month)

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