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[FIXED] [0.33.2] Ships not buying/selling from stations


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I remote ordered my ships to buy/sell from stations, but after they arrive in the destination sector, they just sit there and do nothing.


There is a workaround: I have to make sure that the buy/sell order is not last  in the order queue. However, I later found out this affects certain commodities. I found out that it doesn't apply Energy Cells, Electro Magnets, Force Generators, and Computation Mainframes. In these cases, they would "skip" the order entirely and I do not get a notification for that.


This is a moderate bug that needs attendance when possible.


[6:41 PM UPDATE] Now I can't remote buy/sell Wires. That's five discovered commodity orders that are skipped by the bug...


[8:50 PM UPDATE] Nope. Not even the Laser Modulators. That's six.


[10:00 PM UPDATE] What? Okay, listen carefully: A few days ago, it seems I have no problem buying and selling Luxury Food with the workaround. But today, it seems it's not working for some reason...


What's going on here? Trading is the only means of income and with the Trading system hit badly here in this reversion update, it's complicating things. At this point, nearly most of the expensive commodities cannot be remote traded. The trading system needs some immediate attendance whenever possible. Because this is like seven commodities no longer remote tradable now, most of them are expensive ones.


[10:34 PM UPDATE] Yep, there goes Plasma Cells. That's eight.


[4:50 PM UPDATE] Power Units. Nine.

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