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[0.33.1] Ingredient list not updating upon confiscating cargo

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I go to turret factory and i make a quest out of the list of items that i need.

I go on an adventure to get those components for my new turret (one of them is a dangerous object, the military tesla coil).

I switch to other ship and order the ship with the turret construction materials to go back to a friendly factory.

On its way, the cargo ship has to pass through territory of a faction that has "good" relations.

Those goody guys do not like the dangerous stuff in the cargo of the ship that i send on its merry journey.

The goody guys confiscate it and fine me 40m. I dont have a say in it or a choice, because i did not control that ship directly.

I switch back to that ship and my quest ingredient list still tells me that everything is ok, while  I do not have the military coils that just got confiscated.


Proof! Because everyone likes images.




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