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[0.33.1] Stacking orders just before ship jumps doesnt work


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I order my ship on the galaxy map to jump to some nearby sector.

The ship is getting ready to jump, it takes few seconds before the vessel warps to new location.

During those few seconds if you stack more jump order, the game will refuse to acknowledge those order and you will be right clicking on galaxy map with no result while holding shift.


After the ship jumps to new sector, you are are able to freely give more stacked orders with shift.


Why is this important?

Example 1: Imagine that you send a vessel on an exploration mission to figure out those green beeping points on galaxy map, since you do not want to explore them yourself. You send the ship, you ignore the bug and wait until the vessel is at target location and the warp is on cooldown (thats when you actually can give stacked orders to the ship), you stack those exploration orders. Then you go back to doing your thing. You come back after 10 minutes and warp your main ship nearby the exploration vessel to scan for more of the green blips. You select your exploration ship on the galaxy map and you want to stack more orders. But! There is a problem, like the game again refuses to respond to the orders. The problem? Your ship is currently in a process of performing  a warp. This is time consuming and tedious.

Example 2: Imagine you ve got a mining ship. You do not want to waste much time on it. You select it and you order the ship to move to new mining sector, then you want it to mine there. How do you go about it? Well you order the ship to warp to that sector by right clicking it and then immediately after hold shift and select mining order. Done? Fast and easy? Nay! Because you need to wait for the ship to finish its warp and that takes few to dozen of seconds, only after it finished that can you give the mining order. This is a giant waste of time.

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