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[0.33.0] Fleet command - Refining Ores doesnt work


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I give an order to my cargo ship to refine ore from galaxy map, it does not work.


It does work when i give the order to  refine the ore AND i am in the same sector as the cargo ship.



UPDATE[0.33.0]: It would seem that the "Refine ore" button refuses to work but only when i give this order from galaxy map to my ship. It matters not if i am in the sector with the ship or not. It is very weird, because when i order this ship to "Refine ore" by using the F hotkey and selecting proper order, it works. Of course to give a direct order by selecting target ship and using F, i need to be in the same sector.


UPDATE[0.33.1]: I have done some more tests and tried some things. There is a workaround for this, albeit the bug still needs fixing.


This is how the problem looks like




How to outsmart the bug?

Stack the refine order with shift






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