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Update 0.32.2 - Generator Rework & Endgame Content - Release February 26th 2020

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Release Date: February 26th 2020



Procedural Craft Generator

It's finally here! We reworked the procedural craft generator to create prettier ships, based on faction styles. Factions can be recognized by their ships and stations now, and each ship/station class has a distinct look. We won't bore you with the internals, just one thing: Yes, you can mod it. Now go explore!


Faction Economy

With this update we added economic factors to factions. Their supply of ships and stations is now finite, depending on faction size and military or economic focus. Players can now drive AI factions to their limits, and see and feel the impact of their actions. When you destroy a station, the faction will rebuild it after some time. If you manage to destroy all ships and stations of an AI faction before they can rebuild, you can even eradicate them completely.

In addition to those features, you can now hire spies at smuggler outposts, that will send you information about a faction's economy (ie. amounts of ships, stations, etc) on a regular basis.



New Endgame Content

We feel that after killing the Wormhole Guardian there should be more to do with your time. With this update we introduce new Xsotan ships, a new server wide post-guardian event and three new bosses. In order to not spoil you too much we'd just say: Go and finish Avorion, and then see what happens.


More Features

That's far from all! We've got a few more cool features waiting for you:


Faction Packs

Ever wanted to play against the Star Wars Empire in Avorion? You now have the tools to do so. You can now create faction mod packs that give a faction a subset of ships from the Steam Workshop.


Creative Mode Improvements

We want players to be able to use Creative Mode in a way its name suggests, to try out features and game mechanics. So we added the possibility to quickly change the equipment of your craft. There's a new creative mode command center in the ship window where you get access to tons of utility features for creative!



Since Avorion saves (galaxies) are persistent they tend to become huge, and a normal savegame feature is not possible. We did our best to add a safeguard against losing all your progress (for example after a crash) without taking up tons and tons of hard drive space. The game now creates hourly backups that you can use to restore your current save.

Keep in mind that restoring a backup is not the same thing as loading a save! Progress of NPC factions is completely reset during this process and the world is reset to zero (except for the progress of players).



Of course there are tons and tons of other QoL features and bugfixes. To get the full list, check out the patchnotes of the previous beta patches:





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