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Backup of server data

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I use docker container technology

I can not find the scheduler to run in the container

used crontab

but with crontab big problems

no logging

no signal to stop correctly

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Cannot configure backup of server data

Is there a ready-made solution?


I'm assuming this is relevant:


  • In order to avoid exploits, backup creation can't be manually controlled by players

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Thanks you


So, the server saves the data in the interval specified in the saveInterval server configuration.

wiki - https://avorion.gamepedia.com/Server


After that we need to save the data to the cloud.

need a task scheduler


I will try to deploy gitlab CI / CD

includes task scheduler and more


I will set the saveInterval variable to 5 minutes

Once every 15 minutes I will save data to DropBox


this way I will automatically save the current copy of the data

But there will be a problem of old copies...


algorithm for cleaning old copies:

- keep all copies in one day

- keep weekly copies for one month

- keep monthly copies for one year

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