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[Beta 0.32] Ship generator bug

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Found a bug with the new ship generator?


I've found a faction where when you shut down the server and start it back up again, the generation for their freighters changes and they spawn without engines.  I've tested this several times with creating new galaxies with the same seed and no mods, fly directly out to one of this factions shipyards to confirm their freighters have engines, shut down the server and then start it back up.  Viola, no engines on freighters from the shipyard or new freighters jumping into the sector.  Subsequent shut downs do not see the engines return.


It seems to only affect some of the factions, though.  Or more specifically, in the few I've checked, only this one has been afflicted.


Galaxy seed: aCx8fEgJvg

Sector where issue can be observed: 148, -36 (right outside the barrier)


Let me know if you need more.

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