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.31.1 Player owned Smuggler's Market does not pay for bought 'stolen goods'


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Also deletes most types of the goods in process.


Beta 0.31.1 r20541 c086bef81cdc

Occurs when seller and station belongs to same faction.


smugglersmarket.lua: 430

    -- give money to ship faction
    self:transferMoney(stationFaction, stationFaction, seller, price, fromDescription, toDescription)

    -- remove goods from ship
    ship:removeCargo(good, amount)

    -- add goods to station
    self:increaseGoods(good.name, amount)

First function detects that buyer and seller belongs to same faction and therefore no money should be transferred.

Second function removes goods from player inventory.

Third function attempts to add bough goods to station's inventory. But, since station can actually buy only specific subset of goods, anything that doesn't belong to it - gets filtered out and therefore  deleted.

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