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Update 0.30.2 - Missions, Bosses & Sound

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Update 0.30.2 - Missions, Bosses & Sound

We introduced new bosses and reworked the game's sound.




New Missions and Bosses

In order to fill the galaxy with more life, we are introducing new bosses and missions. Some of the missions are available at bulletin boards, while others will appear naturally. The bosses need to be found and use unique strategies and techniques to protect themselves. We don't want to spoil too much so go and find them yourself!


SFX Changes

We improved our sound engine to use effects and filters to create a more immersive sound experience. The further you are away from the action the more diffuse the sound will be.





We reworked many aspects of the game's sound. Some of the old sounds were a bit blunt and too direct. In this update we replaced those and also added lots of previously missing sounds in order to create a coherent atmosphere and to add more life to the game. Among those are impact sounds that not only depend on the hit surface but also the damage type, different destruction sounds for explosions, blocks breaking and rocks being smashed, distinct laser sounds for the various weapons, a laser impact sizzle and many more. Collision and impact sounds are now attenuated when happening in quick succession to prevent unnatural stacking of sounds. Furthermore we added sound effects for entering and leaving hyperspace and ambient noise for stations, factories, mines, gates and wormholes.



  • [uBR] Fixed a crash when trying to delete a galaxy with wrong permissions
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where resource shortages could not be delivered when playing in creative mode
  • [uBR] Armed/unarmed turret slots stats text is now more compact, especially in german
  • Fixed several crashes in scripts

Other Changes


You can check out the full patch notes here:




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