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Rusty's Universe [WIPED 15.07.2020]

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Welcome to Rusty's Universe - the largest multiplayer community in Avorion

[EU] Rusty's Universe CorePvP will fullwipe 15.06 16:00 CET!

✔️ Modded server
✔️ Starting package with resources and turrets
✔️ Automatic restart after crash
✔️ Latest stable [1.1.2]
✔️ Dedicated powerful server 
✔️ Active staff 
✔️ Large community (~3000 people on discord)

Some of the mods that are included:
CorePvP - PvP is only enabled in the core
Xsotan Dreadnought mod - A huge mothership Xsotan fleet which has designs never before seen by most of you.
PvP Scanner - A upgrade module that scans nearby sectors for players (makes it possible to actually PvP in core)
Hyperspace Jammer - deploys a jammer beacon on user command which blocks others in the range of the jammer from hyperspace jumping away and also from using velocity bypass.

Website: https://rustyuniverse.site



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Right on @Meesmaalt .  Rusty's is definitely my fav.  Glad to see you back on for the release.  Thanks for all your work. 

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