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Beta Brach Patch 0.29.1

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Patch 0.29.1


Date: November 25th, 2019


Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.


This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.


Building UI


"We added several QoL improvements to the new building UI that were brought to us through user feedback. We also want to make the new UI a little more self-explanatory."

  • Quick Selection in building mode is now saved for each galaxy
    • The last state of the quick selection is now saved on the server side

    [*]Holding space now shows the saved designs window if the template brush is active

    [*]Blocks, Turrets, Colors and Saved Designs windows are now centered when activated by their respective hotkey

    [*]Added "Space" hotkey tooltip to the appropriate button in building mode

    [*]Color, Block, Turret or Design windows are now hidden again when another of them is shown via hotkey

    [*]Items can now be removed from the quick selection in building mode by dragging them out

    [*]Added keyboard shortcuts for toggling mirror planes

    [*]Transform/match block/shape checkboxes are no longer unchecked by keyboard hotkey

    [*]Added default blocks for craft and turret building to quick selection bar

    [*]Grid size and scale step can now be changed by scrolling while hovering the respective button

    [*]Added numbers to quick bar in building mode


  • Added translatable strings for "¢" where needed and added translation
  • Sliders can now be moved by scrolling


  • Fixed several server hangs
  • Fixed several server crashes related to multithreading
  • Fixed a crash when reading/writing global script values
  • [uBR] Transform Block mode is now disabled when changing back to blocks from another tool
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue where too many undo steps were necessary when coloring blocks
  • [uBR] Transforming blocks now leaves the color untouched if no color is selected
  • [uBR] Fixed Turret Factory Supplier's goods being all "nil" on reload
  • [uBR] Fixed Exotic+ Avorion turrets dropping in starter regions

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