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Update 0.27 now live

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Hey guys,


The patch from two weeks back is now available on the Steam default branch!




We always strive to make Avorion more accessible for new and returning players. To achieve this goal we have designed new tutorial missions. These missions will be unlocked during the game and explain more complicated mechanics such as how to use R-Mining Lasers, Torpedoes, Fighters and how to coordinate your fleet.


In addition to the tutorial missions, long-term quests are introduced. They are given to the player by the adventurer after completing the first dialog and guide the player through the galaxy.


As usual this update also contains a bunch of bug fixes. See the full patchnotes here:


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just a short question: when will the update be distributed for (linux) dedicated servers? I tried to update few minutes ago, but it stays on 26.1.


Thank you and best greetings. Thanks for making such an awesome game.

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