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Energy weapons overnerfed?


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I want to discuss the fact that currently the energy weapons seem horribly overnerfed and they are lack the DPS to be end game viable.

I have not played avorion for a while, but when I used to play it, I remember that building laser turrets in turret factories could yield you weapons with up to 5k damage if not higher.  Currently, they go around 200 to 400 at max. Same goes for tesla turrets.

They are also horribly energy inefficient. They lack the sustainability and damage wise they do not make up for it. The very same applies to pulse cannons, plasma cannons, Lightning guns and pretty much all the energy weapons out there.


What I have noticed however is that chain-guns got buffed a lot. When before building chainguns in factories was completely pointless, since they would never have damage equal to lasers, now it is almost the perfect opposite. A single chaingun can make up to 2k damage (At least from the factories I have found), essentially replacing what laser used to be before.  They also do not overheat, so they can keep up sustained DPS for as long as needed.


What was the reason for making such an inconsistent decision? What was the point of "Balancing" energy weapons if they were replaced with something different and a lot cheaper?

I enjoyed the light show some fights could bring up, using the cool lasers. Now I am forced to using boring chainguns in order to be end game viable.

Also the decision to make each "Turret" cost more than a single slot was not good either. You are essentially forcing the players to make bigger ships, with larger volume in order to get more slots.

So in the long run the Health/shield  / Damage ratio is completely incorrect.


So to sum it up, you made all the weapons except chainguns completely useless.

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I will agree that chainguns have definitely been buffed. I just use chainguns on my mid-tier frigate, and it works great.


I might add though that torpedoes should be taken into account. They can be extremely useful and add a whole new level of gameplay which is extremely cool. Great job Avorion team for implementing that.


While you're working on the next release, could you rebalance weapons pls.

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Tesla turrets could reach up to 4K and las up to 2k when I was playing the last time (about 5 Months ago).

Lasers are completely useless due to them not having any kind of special aspect to them.

I made suggestions on how to rebalance weapons in several threads and I even got an answer by the devs at some point:


Turret reworks are not planned because turrets have already been reworked and the devs want to get the full release of the game done. I can understand that as the initially announced release date was Q3 2017 and there are many things that still need to be done.


To sum it up: I think a weapon rework will happen in he distant future, but I don’t expect it to happen in the next 3 years.

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  • 3 months later...

Current stable build, yes, lasers are practically worthless along with many other weapons for mid game play and especially end game.


Currently end game consists of Rail guns and Cannons (all on burst fire) once you find those silly high RNG rolls from a turret factory.


My last play through with my gaming community lasted a week playing on hardest difficulty, as we were building cannons that could burst 6-7 shots for 350k-500k each shot. Same for rail guns.


Was able to make some Tesla cannons that did around 500k burst damage, but vs stations or PvP when dealing with shields that hit 25-30k+, they weren't very effective at all.


What we found silly was that we could spam missles and only needed 1 to get through that temp dropped the target's shields for several seconds, enough time to get massive alpha strike hits with burst fire cannons / rail guns.


Lasers were a complete joke and no one used them, not even early game because they simply lack and form of real damage.


Anytime we found energy weapons that had the auto target feature, it was a hard pass due to the current silly game mechanics that magically nerf your damage 50% which again, makes zero sense and thus, I always use mods that take this out.

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