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Diplomacy update 0.26.1 is using 1MB/s per player - shut down my server.


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I reported this in that discord link above including screenshots but thought I better crosspost as we have a lot of players waiting on this fix.


I suspect there is an error somewhere causing all traffic to be sent to all players instead of the relevant players, not sure, but I shut down while waiting on a fix, can't absorb gigabytes of transfer like this.

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Thanks for the info, we'll look into that. How many players are registered on your player, and does the increased traffic come up for a single player already?


For the sake of anyone attempting to follow along here:

There is a major issue with network usage with the 26.1 Diplomancy update it is using 1MB/s PER PLAYER





At first when we updated our old world I thought i had to do with the old factions, it was using so much bandwidth nobody could do anything.  But as our world gets explored its getting unplayable again.

To be clear we wiped with the Diplomacy update.

I own the ProsperCraft server.

ping me when/if someone replies please.


server stats:

35 mb/s peak with sustained 1mb/s per player online of transfer so watch those caps, 17-30 gigs of ram, 28 cores, 20 gigs of ssd ish Unmodded


And generally one can expect to see between 5-20 players on Goshen's server on average out of 32 slots.  Looks like 200 registered users from Goshen's screenshot.  It is a pretty populous server.


And another server owner posted in general discussion:

Anything about the networking issue Goshen mentioned in server-hosting? He shut prospercraft server down because of the spike in traffic?

Server I'm on is modded but has also seen the large spike in disk r/w  and networking




4 people

6mbps min traffic outgoing, with spikes ranging from 7-13mbps


My suggestion is that perhaps the game is telling every player about every active sector instead of only the sectors the individual player has active.  Or perhaps something with the update has resulted in significantly more traffic.  I've also been able to empirically verify one can lag players in other sectors by rapidly painting one's ship (dragging color across a 25x25 sheet of 1x1x1 cubes).  So there's definitely traffic being generated that isn't needed.


I hope this digest helps.  As one of the many people that was playing on Goshen's server, I would appreciate if this were looked at :)

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I hope there is a resolution to this issue as soon as possible.


As a long time client on the Prospercraft server i have noticed this unusual behavior since the update which leads to the game being unplayable.


Client-side information:

-Server Load is usually less than 50% due to the significant hardware power of the Prospercraft server. Iv been with them roughly 3 years and the hardware is superb.

-Network behavior is queue'd up rather than handled instantly due to the huge bandwidth issue causing essentially a Queue of things for the network to deal with.

-When not moving, and when nothing is happening, the game reports a low ping and things move along. As soon as i start making activity (Send out 10 Fighters, and shoot random things) my ping starts to climb up and up as the server very slowly plays catch-up with my activity. The CPU load is still fine, but the Connection barely hangs together. My ping keeps increasing the more that i do. For this example i build up activity which says i have a ping of 60 seconds.

-I then recall my 10 fighters and stop all activity, then witness my ping shrink from 60 seconds, very slowly down to regular pings, but i have to wait several minutes for the server to play Catch-Up with all the activity that has happened. Often this can lead to instant death because enemies spawned in and killed you with Torpedo's, but you have no idea this has happened because to you they haven't spawned in yet.


-The network continues to build a massive queue of things to handle, because it is haemorrhaging too much data that it cannot send to everybody quick enough to keep the gameplay live and playable in any kind of synchronisation.

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  • Developer

There were several improvements to traffic on the latest update on the beta branch, especially considering fighters and position updates. Traffic should have gone down by a lot. If not, then please file a bug report with steps to reproduce!

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