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Beta Branch Patch 0.26.1 - Diplomacy

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Date: September 10th, 2019


"We are back from GamesCom! It was really exhausting but 100% worth it! We had a blast showing our game to new players and meeting existing ones! Now though it is time to put the finishing touches on the Diplomacy Update."


Beta Branch Note: These changes are currently available on the beta branch. The beta branch is for testing experimental changes and for finding and fixing errors.


This is how you get access to the beta branch (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Right-Click on Avorion in your Steam list, Properties -> Betas -> Select branch 'beta'.



  • Factions now respond when negotiating via the Diplomacy UI
  • Players can now stop being allied and declare war with other players via the Diplomacy UI
  • Added button to Diplomacy UI to initiate player-to-player trades/relation negotiations
    • Player-to-Player relations and relation status can now be negotiated via the Player Trade Window
    • Players must agree on their new relations to conclude a trade
    • Player-to-Player relations and status can now be worsened

    [*]Relations no longer worsen when shooting down a civil ship while the witnessing faction is at war with the civil ship faction

    [*]Transfer of crew, goods and fighters is now possible over distance with transporter block + upgrade

    [*]Improved escorting AI to no longer attack allies randomly

    [*]Faction battles are only spawned in sectors close to territory borders

    [*]Added strafing in alternative keyboard flying mode (F2), strafe with Ctrl+WASD


  • Civil ships with bad relations can no longer be asked where their home sector is
  • More missions now give relation improvements


  • Added an icon telling the player about achievements being disabled with mods enabled
  • Added highlighting of words in loading screen tips and encyclopedia for better legibility
  • Added ship warning when transporting goods without a license
  • Implemented sector overview in strategy mode which lists stations, ships and gates

Scripting API

  • Alliance callbacks are now available on client and server
    • Added documentation for pitfalls of Alliance server callbacks

    [*]Added sendCallback() function to every class that is able to have callbacks registered from scripts

    • Added sendCallback() convenience function to Faction that gets automatically delegated to players or alliances

    [*]Extended ListBox/ListBoxEx to support values assigned to rows

    [*]Implemented "onTurretDestroyed" entity callback

    [*]Added "tutorialActive" property to Hud

    [*]Added documentation of properties



"We fixed quite a few bugs again. Thanks for reporting and keep it up, guys! UBR = User Bug Report."

  • Fixed players being able to switch sector while being grounded
  • [uBR] Fixed issues with mine founding and station duplication
  • Fixed an issue where immediate deletion of scripts from entities on server could lead to invokeScript() messages landing on the wrong script
  • [uBR] Derelict mines can now be rebuilt after boarding
  • [uBR] Backslashes are corrected to forward slashes in script paths for improved consistency
  • Script cache is now always cleared when starting a new game to avoid modders having to deal with cached scripts
  • Fixed a crash when creating smuggler hideouts in the center because there are no smuggler representatives present
  • Fixed non-player controlled AI ships no longer being able to buy/sell goods
  • [uBR] Fixed an issue with translation strings
  • [uBR] Fixed several script crashes
  • Client's Galaxy():getControllingFaction() now correctly returns nil if no faction is found
  • Fixed an issue where relations of bottans smugglers could be bad with smuggler outpost factions
  • Fixed an issue where missions didn't give reputation for alliances
  • Fixed an issue with rectangle selection in strategy mode
  • Fixed relations notifications being displayed for 0 relation change
  • Replaced old code with new, better code
  • Fixed player cargo shuttles not being able to pick up cargo if "sell to others" was off
  • Fixed last tooltip line not showing for energy suppressor satellite
  • [uBR] For local sessions, force enabling mods works again

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Looking Good.  Except the persistent illegal cargo warning that lights up even when i dumped the cargo until i buy a license from the occupying faction.  Now i can bribe... er. negotiate my way to good relations. :)

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