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[0.26] AI ignores "registerFriendEntity"


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No, it stops.


The problem is that when it comes to ShipAI commands like these

setAggressive(var attackCivilShips, var canFinish) 
setFly(vec3 location, float arrivalRadius, var collisionException)

and others, I can't just easilly reset them via "setIdle - setBackToOriginal", because I don't have a way to get their arguments. I don't know if certain ship was set to attack civil ships or not, which coordinates it's flying to etc.

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  • Developer

The "attack" order is a very simply-structured order that will attack the target until destroyed, and it's meant to be able to attack allies (for example if you order a ship via the strategy mode to attack an ally for some reason).


If you want the attack order to stop attacking a ship because it was set to friendly, you have to stop/cancel the command by setting a new one (which is what happens internally as well). It won't stop by itself.

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