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Casino Station Gambling



So, my first post here, I got the game a week ago about (full price, not on sale, wooo!), and loving it so far.


I encountered a Casino Station and was kind of surprised not to see a gambling mini-game. In a game where it's

not very easy to save scum, I think actual gambling with in-game credits would be amazing.  Even if it's a simple

text interface affair, doesn't have to be anything fancy shmancy. Some ideas are:


Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines, Dice Games, or even fantasy sci-fi inspired stuff like Pazaak or Daboo.


Anyway, keep up the great work, I'll love to see what this game becomes in the future.

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Yes! I discovered this forum specifically to post this idea. Looks like someone beat me to it.


I think gambling at casinos would be a great addition to the game. You could even gamble for credits, ore, system upgrades, goods, turrets, etc.


I could see myself spending a lot of time gambling for a legendary turret or something. I think it would be really fun!


Thanks to the devs for the hard work! I love the game. Keep up the great work! :)

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I too was very disappointed the first time I saw a Casino and found out it did nothing...

I also then had many ideas of what kind of fun mini-games could be added to the Casino and different things you could win.

Of course the basic gambling games like Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, Slot Machines, Dice Games, and/or fantasy sci-fi inspired games will be there.

But also I think it would be fun if there was one mini-game where you pay a fee to play the game and you get a turret base (somewhere on the Casino) and you can pick any of your own custom turret designs if you want. And before you start the game you get a choice of 10 random turrets to use. They might all be of the same type. Maybe there will be different versions of the game. But you get control of this turret and then some targets appear floating in space and you have one minute or so to shoot down as many targets as you can. There could be different sized targets with the smaller ones being worth more points. After the game is over you win some prizes (credits, ore, system upgrades, goods, turrets, etc...) with your score increasing the chances of getting better stuff.

So if your score is 0 you are pretty much guaranteed to only get petty stuff. XD

Also another form of gambling that the Casino could have, ( and some people who have played Diablo or Torchlight will be familiar with this) is turrets and system upgrades you can buy, but you can't see any of their stats or even the color that tells you the material it's made out of or what rarity they are. All you see is a picture and a random price for the item. So you could try your luck and maybe buy a really good turret or system upgrade, or it could be crap you over paid for. XD

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Two other things I would like to see as a mini-game/event, (maybe not necessarily at a Casino) is I guess what I would call...

"The Gantlet". Where you pick one of your ships to enter and you get teleported into a randomly generated sector, NOT on the map. Then pirate ships jump into the sector in waves with the groups of ships slowly getting bigger and harder to fight, and you just see how many waves you can survive.  :)

The other is a "Space Race" where you pick your fastest ship and race other ships through giant rings in a sector that serve as the checkpoints, (of course I also think sectors are way too small and things should be spaced out more, but that is just another suggestion on the long list of suggestions). Kind of like the space race in Outlaw Star or Space☆Dandy. ;D

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