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Reconstruction tokens are basically free


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UPD: I misunderstood how tokens work, here are updated steps:


On difficulty that gives 1-2 tokens:

1. Create ship.

2. Die 1-2 times for free.

3. Make another ship and just transfer all stuff to it.

4. Repeat.


On difficulty with 0 tokens:

1. Fly towards Reconstruction site.

2. Create a 1-block ship.

3. Buy token for 1k.

4. Apply schematics.

5. Die.

6. Make another 1-block ship.

7. Buy token for it and just transfer all stuff to it.

8. Repeat.


There is nothing that keeps us 'attached' to a ship so we wouldn't want to just replace it with another.

The problem is: unlike insurance system reconstruction, existing tokens don't force you to pay extra if you add blocks to your ship. Only next token price gets higher.

Maybe it's possible to 'override' build mode, so if you bought a token, you pay 30% more for blocks, except for starting tokens.

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*Can a dev please give a short answer to show that he has seen this? I will open a new topic otherwhise just to make shure this doesnt get lost* :)


I will just add that here as it kind of belongs to the topic:

I think selling reconstruction tokens is exploitable on those difficulties where you get them for free with ship founding.


1. Create new ship and get free reconstruction tokens for it.

2. Sell reconstruction tokens at equipment dock.

3. Delete ship.

4. Repeat the whole thing untill you run out of iron.


Might not have that much of an influence, but still it is an exploit.


Edit: I tested it now. Started a new galaxy on beginner difficulty. Made about 40k credits in about 3 minutes with just the iron you get at the start.

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