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Acuddle's minimods (Now with a Weapon Balance Mod ! 2.0.1 update for 0.26 !)

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Here's some of the mods I use~


Game-changing mods


The following four mods are now in a workshop-compatible pack !

[0.23.3] Bulk TCS V1.4 - Alternative to Admiralkio's Unbelievable Amount of Turrets. They have three classes/scales in addition to rarity : a common subcapital class for cruisers hungry for omicron, an uncommon capital class to equip million-hp destroyers with, and a rare supercapital class for ships like the CII Bellator, Super Star Destroyers, Death Stars and the like, which'd like hundreds of slots' worth of turrets. Some of them also have civilian turrets to allow for salvager-equipped capital ships.

[0.23.3] Shadok Pumping Array (delta version) - A non-percentile energy generator module. Get mechanics pumping to power the ship ::) ! Warning: if you have the alpha version, uninstall all pumping arrays to avoid imminent catastrophic ship failure by massive lack of mechanics ::)...

[0.23.3] Shadok Hydraulic Rowing Fit - A non-percentile engine upgrade. Get a big percentage (36% to 60%) of your mechanics pumping to make the ship move without an engine. Yup, pretty weird.

[0.23.3] Shadok Mast Lookout Fit - A non-percentile, powerful scanner upgrade that uses captains ! Uses 1 (3/4 chance), 2 (3/16 chance) or 3 (1/16 chance) of them, and can be perma-installed to be boosted with energy. Awesome for pirates ! Somehow boosting goggles and telescopes by cramming energy into them !

(Note: You can just update the modinfo.lua to update the mod, nothing should have changed... except you'll need to remove the "TurretGenerator." on the "add()" in the UpgradeGenerator.lua.)


[0.26] Acuddle's Weapon Balance Mod (Delta 2.0.1 Version) - A mod that rebalances weapon spawn and give weapons fairer attributes: balanced damage (hopefully)... and they are bigger too, especially late-game (but you'll see some cool things even early on :)). There are also rare variants of most weapons~ ::).

There's now new Specialties, new Ramming and Artillery weapons, overhauled Torpedoes, spoilery encyclopedia entries, etc., and it's now on the Workshop (link is a workshop link this time) :D !

Alas, it's now deprecated and unusable (due to the 0.29 changes in the factions.lua). Go to KaneNOD's HET mod instead for cool weapons :D !



The Background Music Script Builder (V2) is alas not yet (easily) makeable, and the Wraparound Fixes too (I'd reckon those would be even harder).

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Today I updated the Bulk TCS mod to have more capital class (30% instead of 20%) and supercapital class (10% instead of 2%) modules popping up. At least you'll have things to research !

The Shadok Pumping Array also has been upgraded with a nice description text, and a typo on the B-TCS one has been corrected.

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Today I updated the Bulk TCS because I forgot to show in the tooltip that it had to be perma-installed to function :).

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I removed the Wraparound since it should have much less use now, and the Music file Builder is down since you need er... a better thing... er, anyway, we need a better modder to do it in my place.

But I made a pack with my four old mods "rewritten" to accomodate to the new Workshop Mod standard, and there's a new, bigger one: a Weapon Balance Mod ! Here be spoilers, details are supposed to be a surprise~ ! If you like big weapons, you'll be there for a treat, especially as you advance :).



- All weapons (but point defense) have a 15% chance to be generated Coaxial

- All weapons types have been buffed/nerfed according to a pros and cons listing of their secondary attributes.

- Chainguns, Bolters, Cannons and Point Defense Lasers have been buffed.

- Teslas do more damage and Lightning Guns less (since they're long range) and both use 5 times as much energy

- Railguns have been nerfed to normal-looking damage levels (they are still kinda strong though)

- Launchers are now either seeker and very weak, or non-seeker and much stronger but imprecise: they are now danmaku emitters :smiley: ! May cause a lot of friendly fire between NPC factions though :acud_mustbeayukionna:.

- Force Guns have 100 times more force. They're now usable without having to look at the HUD for 1 m/s changes :grinning:.

- Mining and Salvaging lasers and their Raw counterparts have their beams extended by 50% to reduce chance of getting stuck with roids at the edge of their theoretical range.

- Most weapons have different sizes, but it'd be too long to do the listing, I must go to work

- There are now rare variants of weapons, such as the chainbolter(Bolters fire slower, but chainguns can be chainbolters who are rapid-fire bolters, yay !), the pseudotorpedo launcher (big coax launcher with precise and damaging but very slow rockets for capship/station bombing), freon lasers that break rock, milspec (R-)salvagers that break shields, heavy-duty R-miners ("Holy shit! It pierces asteroids !"), low-yield miners (who mine slowly and efficiently at a pretty long range), pulse giminy crickets (:misi_sayori_ehehe:), impulse force cannons (slow-charging cannons that whack enemies with tremendous force), automatic railguns (that burst fire, may penetrate more and have more chance of simutaneous firing).


Weapon core distances in the mod: Bolter, Anti-Fighter Gun, R-Mining, R-Salvaging: 700 (everywhere)

Chainguns, Point Defense Chainguns: 500 (plain iron)

Cannon, Mining, Salvaging: 475 (very early tita)

Point Defense Laser: 450 (early tita)

Pulse Cannon, Laser: 425 (middle tita)

Repair Turret: 400 (late tita)

Force Turret, Launcher: 375 (very late tita)

Plasma: 350 (early nao)

Tesla: 325 (late nao)

Lightning: 275 (early-to-middle tri)

Railgun: 250 (middle tri)




and beware very slow big red rockets, those are Pseudotorpedoes and do a lot of damage. Don't drive into 'em :D !

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My balance mod has been uploaded to the workshot, after many, many updates and frustrations :).


(Image has link for direct download in case you liked the direct downloads.)


P.S.: Sorry, apparently my post about it was deleted or something, but that mod is of course deprecated, it doesn't work anymore due to the changes to factions.lua~  :(.

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