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Mod reccomendation ?


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About guns, I saw a recent one in the mod section that allows the player to sacrifice weapons to strengthen another. Here it is: https://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php/topic,4595.0.html


I haven't used it yet, but it claims to do this (my favorite might be the ability to change projectile/laser colors.:


"Heat Sinks - Reduces the heat generated per shot, and increases the cooldown speed.

Capacitors - Reduces the base power requirement of a turret.

Transformers - Reduces the rate the energy use climbs.

Ammunition / Power Amps - Increase the flat damage of the turret.

Drive Motors - Increase how fast the turret can turn.

Barrel / Lenses - Increase the range a turret can hit at.

Trigger Mechanism - Increase the rate of fire.

Stabilizers - Increase the accuracy rating.

Phase Filters - Increase the efficiency rating of mining or scav gun.

Targeting - Add or remove self targeting for the turret.

Colour HSV - Drag the sliders to change the colour of the beam or projectiles."

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