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[MOD][MoveUI plugin] Energy Suppressor Detector


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[both sides] [0.18.3 - 0.19]



  • Detects Energy Signature Suppressors in the current sector and shows the max time before they will burn out.

The data is updated when player enters the sector and every 29 seconds. You can adjust the value in the "mods\MoveUI\scripts\player\EnergySuppressorDetector.lua" file.



1. Install the MoveUI mod

2. Unpack the module in the "Avorion" folder

3. Add following line in the file "mods\MoveUI\config\MoveUIConfig.lua" before the line "return MoveUIConfig":

MoveUIConfig.AddUI("EnergySuppressorDetector", false)

4. Toggle the module on in the MoveUI interface.






  • Improved: Now updates when Energy Signature Suppressor is created or destroyed in the sector


  • Initial release




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