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{MOD] Steam Workshop ships as NPCs


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Hello fellow Space Captains,


I have a small Mod for you. Using this you can replace NPC random block composed ships by those masterworks of people on the steam workshop.

The mod was actually very easily applied and judging by the already available global functions supplied by Avorion this mod may be obsolete in the near future.


How it works

The supplied config file describes 3 factions. Every faction in the game will be assigned one "style" of those and every new ship or station that spawns for that faction will use one of the supplied workshop designs for that. There are some categories already that ships can apply to, like "Defender" NPC ships will be Cruiser and "Attacker" NPCs will be BattleShip. If a faction config does not supply a version for a category, the default ship will be used. And if that also fails the block generator of Avorion will be used.


How to install

Simply extract the content  of the supplied ZIP file to the directory of Avorion. Overwrite the files in the script folder when requested.


The default I supply you with works with a handy and small Steam Workshop Collection:



How you can use your own collection or another will be explained.


How to install on a server

Pretty much the same except that I have no clue how to download Workshop files on a dedicated server other than manually uploading them  ;)

You can basically put them anywhere on your server file system and change the  config.lua accordingly. But I've found it to be convenient to test the faction client side first and then put everything on the server. Therefore use the Steam Standard structure and copy your steam workshop folder content in the same structure to the server:


steam/steamapps/workshop/content/445220/[ships here]


How to edit it

In the folder "mods/factionships" you will find a file called config.lua. This file contains the configuration for NPC factions and what workshop ships it should use. The default content is composed of 3 factions. If you add or remove a new faction section make sure to set the FactionCount property in the top of the file accordingly.


To get the right files and the Steam Workshop entries you can go through all the ships/stations you want to use in Steam and add entry ID to the config.

You can find the Workshop entry ID in the top of your steam window. The folder on your filesystem has the same name. Be careful to look whether the file in the folder is called plan.xml. I encountered files called design.xml.


Known Issues

- Adding a new faction mid-game will most likely end up mixing styles for existing factions. The faction styles are as of now applied by the faction index property.

- Some ship categories of pirates or bosses may not be reflected by the config files yet.

- turrets blueprints are not used yet.


Files modified

- plangenerator.lua

- shipgenerator.lua

- pirategenerator.lua



Feel free to use and expand all files of this mod as it pleases you, as this already modifies Avorion files. I hope you can achieve fun stuff and will share it with the community :)


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With the newest patch I also had errors when moving into sectors with planets. Maybe I missed a special use of the plangenerator there. I will look into it.


About the torpedos I probably should have taken less detailed designs from the workshop. But as this mod is meant as a basis for you/the community to setup factions I hope this mod inspires people to build more CPU efficient designs ;)

Or at least inspire the devs to an easy way to incorporate player made factions into the game. Best would to have the option to publish whole faction configs to the Steam Workshop

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i deff like this mod allows pve to be harder as well.  also might wanna make a thing showing what codes you put in where. because i had modded files already so kinda had to find what you added and custom plant it in the files i had. also you messed up on some code with ,category when should been , category

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Finally someone who picked up the idea again, thanks for that!


For a multiplayer situation however I would like to request a feature that only makes a custom faction once in every x normal factions. This to keep the load on the server low, but also to keep the "diversity"the RNG factions have.

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Hi Devious,


For a multiplayer situation however I would like to request a feature that only makes a custom faction once in every x normal factions.

hmm, or just aggressive factions... Just imagine those starting a faction war and you just see them killing all those RNG generated ships... :)

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It is very interesting MOD.

However, I do not understand the workings of the script and Lua

It is easy to make an efficient ship with few blocks

What should be careful when designing NPC's functionship for MOD?

Number of blocks?

A big block for the turret?

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Plan.xml" seems to be an old patch format


The data of the current workshop seems to be "design.XML"

I do not know if it will become design XML someday, but it seems that you can use the data of the ship uploaded with the old patch


Uploaded two ships to the workshop with an old version of the game

It seems to work now





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  • 3 weeks later...

Now all we need is a huge collection of Cylon ships and have only Cylon ships spawn as NPC... then the players can build their own "battlestars"...  ;)


Another one can be star wars themed and have player play as the rebels. Or even a star trek themed setup.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Really dig this mod but sadly seems to broken it only loads the starting sector in a new world then nothing else will actually spawn in anywhere else no gates, npcs, stations nothing  :-\



It works like a charm for the first sector... but breaks sector generation beyond that - each and every sector is empty, even with energy signature, the first sector doesn't have any jumpgates either.

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  • 1 month later...

Hey sorry guys, I have been quite buisy. But as soon as I figure out a good way to place turrets only on turret platforms for ships I will publish an new version and fix the other issues.


I will also integrate a value into the config file that determines whether the model should be scalable or not. So that even in the start sector huge ships could exist. And therefore a difficulty rating for the factions in the config file is also necessary to prevent that.


But again. I need to find the time for that and as I said, the code already looks like the devs intend that functionality already in the near future

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