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What are the devs doing?

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Hi, it's been a while since devs upgraded the game so I need to ask what's happening because there aren't any update since july and I want to know what are they working now, this is not indeed to be a sarcastic or offensive question, sorry, I don't know a lot of english.

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Maybe well-deserved holidays. And also reworking their agenda, which changed since the release date :P. There is still a mountain of bugs, like

  • The horrible frisky crew/black notification bar focus shenanigans
  • The obnoxious UI focus problems on the crew transfer interface (I lose focus every two seconds, in addition of if I click once too many as the focus seems to be a toggle on those fields).
  • Various script errors (Rinart73 and Hammelpilaw are helping the devs a lot on those ;))
  • Barrier-related disconnections

There should also be an AI rework for coaxial and fixed weaponry. (And a ship plan creation rework too, since procedurally created stations seem to wield coax weapons despite not being able to turn.)

Also, cargo runs are hopefully next

17) Traderoutes for owned NPC Ships?

  - Yes

But it may also be a part of a bigger economy update about a more dynamic universe. They are probably talking about a lot of new ideas and what to implement next.

There also was GamesCon, then IndieGameExpo, then Devcom_conf, with koonschi volunteering to talk about the Avorion engine... So there also was a lot of events this summer :). Maybe it's to get more players to get more money to finance the extended schedule ::).

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Hopefully getting their priorities back together to adress the real issues of the game, instead of ignoring them and putting effort on non-critical issues and features that they hear of at a game fair.


Yes this post is salty but it doesn't make it less true, get your shit together devs!

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