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[Russian] "Nicotine" != "Acron Drug", Craft Orders window title and "Build"

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1. It's very confusing to see how "Никотин" ("Nicotine") transforms into "Наркотик Акрон" ("Acron Drug") when you have it more than one. I don't understand where people got "Никотин", since in the sorce it's "Acron Drug". I suggested correct translation, but Russian translation community is usually very stubborn.


2. "Craft Orders" window title was translated as "Строительные приказы".

First of all, it's completely incorrect. "Строительные" is used when talking about building process. Like "Строительные материалы" will be "Construction Materials". You see, we don't have a word similar to "Craft" that can be used for both station and ship. One more thing: vanilla Craft Orders window is really narrow so even current translation "Строительные приказы"  doesn't fit in it. So I suggest to just leave "Приказы" (Orders).


3. "Build" was translated as "Собрать".

You can "Собрать шкаф" (Assemble the cabinet), but without a context "Собрать" means "Collect".

So it's either should be "Строить" (which is the basic translation of "Build") or just "Изменить" ("Edit"). We could even use "Изменить корабль" ("Edit ship") but then we have problems when we have this menu item on a station.


UPD: Nevermind, I contacted the guy who approves Russian translation and we fixed it.

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