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Games i play at the moment... ok, lets see:


- just recently finished the DARKSIDERS Games... Hack 'n Slash ala DEVIL MAY CRY, definetly would recomment, good story!


- SPACE ENGINEERS (great Block-Building Simulator, not so good gameplaywise sadly... still fun if you enjoyed LEGO and can overlook some buggyness)


- ORCS MUST DIE UNCHAINED (Tower-Defense with TPS-Elements, loved the frist one despite being singleplayer, the Online Version is fun aswell, but kinda short-living, not much to do there after beating the maps...)


- GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX - FIRST ASSAULT ONLINE (Free Online-FPS with some interesting Abilitys)


- MECHWARRIOR ONLINE (Tactical Shooter at its finest, played for years, not so much lately, very Teamplay-Dependant Game)


- ATTACK ON TITAN TRIBUTE GAME (Fanmade Project which got abbadoned, but still is fun to play if you have options to deal with all the cheaters... i love it for being dependant on your ability to play it, not some numbers on a stats screen)


- MOUNT&BLADE: WARBAND (was called "GRAND THEFT HORSE by my little brother, very fitting...)


- if you enjoy the Horror Genre i definetly recomment playing F.E.A.R., but just the first part, later games become more shooter than horror...


- some Logic-Puzzle-Games like SPACECHEM, INFINIFACTORY, LOGICBOTS or HUMAN RESSOURCE MACHINE when everything else becomes too stressful


SimCity 4 (the old one, where I also make custom content for it)

Hell yeah, i have this one still on my Drive aswell... good old times...


guess thats all for now...

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Maybe i would love this game if there were submarines :-D


Yes its sad that there are no submarines in World of Warships. But i understand Wargaming that they could not realy balance that... The game makes fun finaly, even without submarines ^^ Give it a try, till tier 5 or 6 you need no money.

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Hey, right now, I'm playing the Wither 3(including all DLC) and New World MMO. Both I got on steam with deluxe versions for a good price. If you ask me, Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever made. Unfrotunelly, I bought this game not a long time ago because I didn't have any free money because I needed to pay a student loan. Hopefully, My friend told me that I could sell my skins from CS:GO for real money on https://skincashier.com/. I sold a lot of my skins from my CS:GO account and could buy the games I mentioned above with this site.

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