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Since I started university, my gaming time has been reduced to almost null...

The only game I've actually played in the past few months was Avorion.

Apart from that I sometimes play Dota2, Sins of a Solar Empire, a few months back I played some Dungeon Siege 1-2 and Guild Wars 2. I recently bought Terraria but didn't get to play it more than like 5-6 minutes :(

I've also bought all the Dungeons and Dragons CRPG games on gog.com (they are my favourite games of all time) and I'll hopefully get around to play them in the summer! :D

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Wow. SoH?

That game is good but it is not good enough.

Guess. U get 10 big stones - and it's a damn farm. Not realistic D;


The Great Harbour ship of Bentus.




It has been destroyed... :'(


ps. playing in SoH from 2002 year.

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Space Pirates and Zombies (I & II)


Sublevel Zero

FTL: Faster Than Light


Space Impossible


Avorion Demo

...basically, any cool, indie/Non-AAA Starship game out there.

As well as many well-known ones like Homeworld Remastered, Sins of a Solar Empire and (Probably) MoO (Whole entire freaking series!)


Oh yeah, and Terarria, a little bit.

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