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About your own fleet, diplomacy, and a empire


hi, first of all, sorry for my english, my native language is spanish.


I bought this game like a year ago and I've been waiting since that for a improvement in the "empire creation" of the game, actually you can't manage, at least easily, other ships and the actual UI  is pretty bad. I was thinking about when are we to get updates in this aspect of the game because going with your fleet and attack another factions, forge alliances and be atacked by other entire fleets would be beautiful, inmersive, and great.


Basically I suggest:

-A way to create a empire

-Better UI for fleet control

-More actions into the diplomatic-war aspect, like claim systems, war for tribute, etc

-improvements to the AI factions so they can attack your systems with their fleet, obviusly their fleet depends of how many systems they have, their resources, etc, but would be good if they can manage big fleets so we can have big wars

-Finally and more important, the kids have toys now with the combat update, can the adults have an entire update just for this aspect of the game? (diplomacy, war, fleets) (Just kidding, dont get offended  ;D)


Ty all for reading.

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Fully agree, but dont worry, ai is going to be upgraded.


I would love to see factiob wars with the player as a faction, and i would love to see more diplomatic stuff etc., and would very much like the tributary, although that might become a bit op over time, so perhaps them paying in goods or money and not resources? As just a lot of them would create a lot of resources and that kinda breaks the game then

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I feel the next non-bugfix/AI update will be about factions and diplomacy. It's the ideal place for another leveled suggestion !



  • Faction War Forced End: Right now factions that do not even have a station anymore can still wage wars unimpeded. Faction wars never end ! It'd be cool if they could, after a certain amount of time (war attrition), stations lost (a chance per station if War Goals aren't implemented), or (almost?) total annihilation. Headquarters destruction would cut by half the necessary time to end a war.
  • Cash diplomacy: Right now diplomacy only serves to decrease rep, never increase it. Maybe players would like to just pay large sums of money (like 100cr/point) to make peace with enemy factions. That's what headquarters are for (maybe) !
  • Headquarters spawning/respawning: To make war one has to have headquarters: NPC smugglers will have to build (spawn) one when going to war (if it's normal behavior). Headquarters would also respawn to avoid diplomatic impasses.


  • War Declarations: Right now the "declare war" is just a rep loss. A better war declaration would declare faction war (so the enemy sends fleets after the player if it's near), but...
  • War Spoils: ...goods taken from the enemy are never considered "stolen", of course. It's silly to destroy stations to go to a smuggler to unbrand their goods.


  • Trading diplomacy: Giving goods for zero money to demanding stations to gain rep. Also works for materials, which are always in great demand. (Those will disappear so the player won't buy em back !)
  • Incite War/Get Allies: The player should be able to influence factions to go to war... especially if the faction admires it and if the enemy faction is at war with it.


  • Gift diplomacy: Giving inventory stuff (turrets, modules, etc.) to gain rep based on both value... and rarity if exceptional or superior.
  • Faction War Goals: A la Stellaris, Faction Wars are waged with objectives (as, destroying particular or an amount of stations) ! Once the objectives are met the war has a chance to end faster with time. Makes a better faction war experience for players.
  • Casus Belli: Factions remember reputation lost after -100k and charge extra for diplomacy, by virtue of damages ::).
    • The extra charge disappears if rep is gained by combat (defending the abhorrent faction's ships).
    • If the charge gets too strong, faction war may be declared by the faction to the player !
    • Damages are not counted during war. After a war, all extra charge will disappear.


  • Ship Gifting: Giving ships to gain rep based on value, hp and omicron. Of course the ship has to have no problems (adequate crew, life support, energy production and ability to move if non-station, so, no problem icons). Those ships will patrol the sector, so the player may fight his own ships if it goes back to war ! When Fleet Command is implemented, entire fleets may also be given as gifts.
  • Surrendering: Players can surrender by usual diplomatic means (war ends when rep increases to Hateful or further).
  • Diplomatic Preferences: Diplomatic effectiveness varies with traits. Greedy factions want moar money. Sadistic factions care less about money but would like turrets, ships and stations (to clone and beat the player with, if it goes to war again).
  • Federations/Defensive Pacts: Sometimes in war, a faction war hides another ::)...


  • Station Gifting: Giving stations to gain rep based on cargo, hp, production value and good value. Mechanism is the same as builidng a station: fly ship to place, evolve its station form then found the station. Since stations need a lot of money to be found, their value is intrinsically better than ships :).
  • Truces: Of course the player will need a way to strike a truce if it wants to gift a station. As usual diplomacy without damages ?
  • Advanced Surrendering: Players can surrender by giving away sectors with stations (75% value of usual Station Gifting). The given sectors must be gate linked with a sector of the enemy faction and must not have other stations hostile to the enemy faction (so it doesn't lose its stations to another faction).


  • Formed Crew Gifting: Giving Level 3 crew to gain rep based on value.
  • Dynamic Faction Integration: Of course when Factions'll go dynamic, a lot of diplomatic and warlike things will happen (like faction wars ending when out of shipyards, repair docks and smuggler outposts).


I may add more later~

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