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Your favorite games on the space theme

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Easy.  The Homeworld series.


Edit: Upon reading other people's posts I feel like I have missed a few games.


Kerbal Space Program


Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator


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No particular order, but theese I played a lot and even would play them again:


X-Wing: Alliance

Star Wars: Rebellion

I-War series

Star Trek: Klingon Academy/Starfleet Academy

Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation

Wing commander series


X:BTF series

Space Empires V


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Personally, other than Avorion


Kerbal Space Program- It's been a while since i've played this game, but i'm looking to get back into it.

Space Engineers- When i first got into Avorion, it reminded me alot of Space Engineers.


I am currently studying aerospace engineering and to all aerospace engineers reading this, if you haven't played KSP yet, I highly recommend it to you.

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- X3 Reunion (CODEA any1?)

- Homeworld (mainly the 2nd, Desserts of Khaak was so disappointing...)

- Space Engineers (brought me here in the frist place)

- Sins of a Solar Empire (the Halo-Mod was epic!)

- WingCommander (WC3 on PS1 had a fking 45min. closing credits even listening the "Assistant of the Assintant Chef"!! oh, and its usually my Goodnight-Movie...)

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1. Freelancer is still unbeaten.

2. Avorion

3. X3 Terran Conflict






10. Elite Dangerous


........... very far below

Star Citizen.........................worst fail ever...

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Freelancer MP was GOAT. Used to play on the Freelancer Universe server back in the day when it was populated (50/50 regularly) and I've never had a better time playing any game, ever. Sadly, the population has dwindled down to nothing. The sun has set, all I have now are memories.  :(


Others include:

Sins of a Solar Empire (love it but I wish it were more 3D)

FTL (really enjoyed the crew/energy/module management)

Flotilla (the turn based 3D space combat is amazing)

X-Wing and Tie Fighter (yes, I'm old)

Star Ruler (the ship and station blueprints/customization of the original were out of this world)


(edit) Duskers (wasn't sure if it would count! I play with the lights out and a lit up keyboard, the atmosphere is incredible! call me old fashioned, but I really enjoy typing command strings. reminds me of DOS!)



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4.Eve online

5.Empyrion galactic survival

6.Mass effect only 1-3 


8.planet explorers

9.sins of a solar rebelion 

10.space pirates and zombies

11.rebel galaxy

12.Elite dangerus

13. FTL

14. Wing commander

15. Startopia



Yes I love Avorion but as the topic maker said (except Avorion).


Yeah I have a bunch of sci-fi themed games I like.

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In no particular order:



Space Engineers

Kerbal Space Program

FFe ( AKA Elite 3 )


Oh and above too - Spent farrrrrrrrrrr too much time playing 3D Pinball!

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#1 TIE Fighter including addons

#2 XW:A (never finished it and can´t get it to run anymore)

#3 Master of Orion 2

#4 X-Wing including the addons (nope, never blew the deathstar up, too difficult at my age at that time)

#5 Wing Commander and any spinoff like Privateer

#6 FreeSpace 1&2 (my god, that editor...superb)

#7 I-War 1&2


# beyond rating b-cuz they are timeless masterpieces:

- Battlecruiser 3000 AD original or remake...

- Star Trek 25th aniversary

- Star Trek Judgement rites

- Star Trek Bridge Commander

- Star Trek A final unity

- Star Trek (heavily modded) Armada 1&2 (a modded #2 had [Tactical] Fusion CUBES!!!!!!!111!!!!!) basically your ST C&C and everything a hardcore fan could hope for

- Star Trek Elite Force 1&2


epic hall of fame:


lest we forget....you pittyful INSECTS...


System Shock 1&2







no honestly...System Shock for me is THE game of all times...so intense in every aspect...giving me the shivers since 1994 to present (cuz I do play them from time to time)


and now Warren Spector is doing part 3....talk about the "joy of the mass" ey?^^

can´t wait


S.H.O.D.A.N.(*) even exist today as a google-type site that querries machines connected to the www


*: sentient hyper optimized data access network


breaking the 4th wall  8) on a f´ing planetary scale...try beating that...


you can tell, I´m sort of old school...


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I love Starcraft, Freelancer, Homeworld, some of the Star Trek games, among others. Always loved space themed games!


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Avorion, Homeworld 2, Freelancer, X2: The Threat and Wing Commander: Privateer II were the only ones I had.

I loved Homeworld 2's aesthetic (especially with the fighter squadrons and the slow missiles making trails~) and plot, but I was really bad at strategy games, so I abandoned it at the third of the campaign (and got trounced one ship against three against one cpu opponent on the easiest setting).

Freelancer was kinda cool, but a bit boring (making boring combat more tedious isn't very engaging), and I adored the prototype capslock weapons ;D

I really liked X2 for the station-building aspect and the slow pace, though I disliked the beginning grind. It's my second favorite of all those on my post (first being Avorion~).

I also played Privateer II when I was really young so I didn't understand some of the plot ramifications, but the whole aesthetic, with the minimalist cockpit view and weird planets with GIF animations, just fascinated me. It was hilariously overdone, but at the time very few things fazed me and those did :).


I also got to play Elite II when I was little but it was too complicated and stressful for me at the time. Also, I-War some years later, with the same problem and I wasn't smart enough to deal with the situations, reacting like "aaagh there's too much enemies firing and BOOM~".

Oh, and I guess Descent II, though it was inside space mines, and it was a blast (though I played on Beginner but got lost on the penultimate level ::)).

I also really liked playing the demoes of Descent: Freespace, two of the Star Wars games (Rogue Squadron and X-Wing vs TIE Fighter), Terminal Velocity, Wing Commander 4 (that one that only had an instant action cruiser defense endless fight scenario), and that Star Trek game that happened on a flat plane of space (although I found it excruciatingly hard).


I once played Evochron, but once I figured the game was about PvP with completely crappy balance (why dogfighting ? you have multi missile launchers, first who fires wins lol) I abandoned it :(.


I also played EvE, as a maker and dealer of ships and ammo, utterly hated its whole "Tech I/Tech II lololol carebears suck" balancing >:(, hated the utterly safe menu-and-click-based "piloting", hated the low-sec/null-sec barrier and PvP focus (by virtue of being a carebear explorer) and grudgingly played in one of those poor little carebear alliances which was trying to change the status quo and fail miserably, then stopped when the last computer I had that could run it suffered hard drive failures that punted it to Linux, before completely failing. Or was it when I was fed up of mining for hours and hours... Substance, I played for weeks of IRL-gametime mining, all for not much enjoyment :(.


I'd really like to play a lot of space games if I wasn't on a very small entertainment budget with a crappy computer. If I was richer I'd play X3, Starbound, and Space Engineers too (it definitely evolved into its thing!) (also, ouch, 25€ ?! It's even more overpriced than Avorion :-[ !).


P.S.: Just bought Starbound to pass time. Not one of my favorites. There's still an exploration premise but a lot of content (wiring, signs, pets, etc.) is gated by linear game progression, like in Terraria. Even when trying to do something for casual gamers, they ended up pandering to the hardcore combat-addicts :(.

P.P.S.: Nevermind I found a book mod for my journalizing need, and a guided rocket launcher. Cue reckless and jubilatory ownage of enemies that constantly dodged and trick-shotted me 8)

P.P.P.S.: Screw Starbound, still hating it. But I now can run Empyrion: Survival Evolved. Playing coop with my dad :).

P.P.P.P.S.: Now (since September 2018) I'm playing Star Trek Online with dad instead of Empyrion. Not very balanced for duo team play but playable, and it has a lot of nice ideas... and a lot of paywalls too. And to the whole "going into an MMO together" thing since friendlisting is locked either by level or mission count somehow.

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In no order,


Starcraft II

No Man's Sky

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

EVE Online before it became overpopulated

Elite Dangerous


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It's crazy that Freelancer is number 1 for so many people still. It is for me too. I also loved Dead Space 1 and 2, Starcraft 1 and 2, Elite Dangerous, Aliens Versus Predator, Alien Isolation, etc. I hope Star Citizen is going to join that list when it comes out.

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