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(REQ) Factories an Shop Stock Upgrade


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request for scripts or tutorial on how to upgrade the factories or stations to have MORE stock available for sale to the player.


the amount of equipment available in stations just simply is NOT enough to build a large enough fleet or powerful enough ship. Even with salvaging wreckage areas, killing pirates and repeatedly logging in or logging out of the area to buy buy buy just does not cut it. Also it would e nice to have a lot more of the same turret type available for outfitting because OCD.


http://www.avorion.net/forum/index.php?topic=1560.0 i found this script in the mods section but NO download or actual tutorial on how to do it is supplied, just some vague additions to a few lua scripts - which i do not know how they function or for that matter am not willing to screw around with.


please post a modified script selection with these parameters. just give us scripts with these additions in them, show us how you modified them and we can do as we need on our own.


Thanks in advance.

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I might have a look at this later today, as I find myself in the same frustration at times (even though I find hundreds of weapons and modules, it's just not enough), and as far as I know the server config settings for turret drops etc don't exactly work.


Edit: I'll make a separate thread for the resulting mod.

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