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[MP] Turret groupings changing


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I've experienced this as well, but only in a 2-player multiplayer game.  It happened to my buddy first, and he honestly thought he had just made some crazy error right before closing the game the previous day.  But then it happened again, this time to both of us, and since I *never* use group 7 I knew something was wrong. 


Guess I'll file a bug report if it happens again, although I don't know how to reproduce it.  It seems to happen at random.

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Also happens on Singleplayer.


Groups 1,2 and 7 (all other Groups were unused) got renumbered/changed:

1 to 7, 2 to 5 and all turrets from the former group 7 got unassigned.




This happened after jumping to another System

I only use turrets with independent targeting


Again, after loading into my SP-save -> All Antifighter-Turrets were set to 5, PD-turrets to 6 and all others to 7

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  • Developer

@Gantradies: Do you mean the independent fire mode? That is reset on each log out. As I said  in a different thread I will talk with our team about keeping the turret status over logoff. Before the torpedoes it was intentional, but I was convinced that with the torpedoes it is too dangerous to not remember the settings.

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