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Custom turret/ Scaling and torps


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So, I've read about the combat 1 and 2 updates and found myself SUPER excited about it, even now I've drilled another 9 hours into the game with my fanboyish energy level to get myself to a level to which I can (hopefully) have some fun with torpedoes on my own once the update hits.


However, here's my question, which is open to everyone of course. Are you going to make custom turrets once the combat 2 update drops? I ask this out of wonder as to what kind of amazing things people will craft as I know this community has a VERY large amount of great ship builders in it. I also wonder about the scaling of turrets and if that will play a vital role in said designs.


Second question, whats your opinion on torps? I'm not asking balance wise, I mean in the sense that, would you consider them new and exciting weapons? Or are they something that isn't really up to your interest?


Looking forward to seeing how this conversation goes!


Personal thoughts:


I enjoy the idea of torpedoes, things you can use to take an advantage or even play to a handicap. I see a lot of threads about balance being all over the place and to that I'd like to say something very simply. Give the dev time, if Avorion takes 4 months or 4 years I could care less. When its finished its still going to stand on par with games like FTD and Starmade. That being said, I hope missiles will take some influence from torps as custom missiles and missile launchers would be really fun as well. This is however, just MY sole opinion, everyone welcome to agree or disagree.

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I haven't gotten myself up to a level to make use of torpedoes in the beta branch myself yet, however I do like the idea of the AI having access to them. Some of them have some pretty nasty effects, like disabling your shields for a few seconds or doing more damage the further they were fired from.


Let me put it this way: before the combat update, I had *NEVER* died in Avorion. Then I died twice, because I was trying to rush to Naonite in a small and weak ship and I didn't put enough PDCs on it. Torpedoes look like a way to help make the AI more threatening.


Custom turrets were listed as a feature of the second part of the combat update, so hopefully we'll see them soon!

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how to scale turret ?


As far as I undestood it, you can't scale them yourself but find bigger ones which also take more slots. If you were enabled to choose a scaling in the turret factory, that would ne quite nice... (didn't test yet, does that work?)


The scaleing is tied to how close to the core you are. Within Xanion teritory rail guns are always  size 2 from what I have seen and within avorion teritory they are always size 3. Certain weapons do not scale however, such as PDC and Flak. And yea, haveing the otion to choose a scale whilst building weapons from scratch would be nice.

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I hope turret facs make you decide what size and if they don't, that the damage and range etc. Is changed correctly, because i got a bunch of turret facs and i hope that the turrets wont be the same but bigger and thus taking up more slots for the same size

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