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Ship template builder in game or seperate app



I would love to be able to edit ships in real time so I dont have to leave a multiplayer game and come back. Is there a way for this to happen? Logging in and out of a server sucks when all I need to do is change turret blocks to the proper tech level?

Is there no way to have a check box to ignore resource limitations and prevent changes from being made in game?

This would be a HUUGE... quality of life improvement for the multiplayer experience. I would even pay for a small ship builder app as a dlc if need be

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Dear Boxelware.
Build it.
Package it.
Shut up and take my money.

"You do not have nao/trin/xan/ogo/avo knowledge to build this."
"You do not have the resources to build this." - (Secondary solution--more than just a -2 to +2 size range on adjustment)
"Block count too high for server."

Step 1: Leave server.
Step 2: Log into local game.
Step 3: Make adjustments.
Step 4: Save.
Step 5: Log back into server.
Step 6: Realize you missed something else.
Step 7: Leave server.
Step 8: Log into local game.
Step 9: Make adjustments.
Step 10: Save.
Repeat steps 5-10 as required.
Step 11: Finally load ship.
Step 12: Realize your server buddies did the thing without you.

Proper solutions:
3rd party separate app that allows building turrets and ships outside of avorion.
Ingame local option to build/adjust ships that doesn't talk to the webservers for every single adjusted block---applies blocks once you hit "apply."

Best solution:
3rd party app.
Shut up and take my money. 
Make it a DLC. I'll pay for it.


Other reasons:
Change one block on a ship while logged into a server.
Server says "better update the whole ship"
Server sends the whole ship back and forth umpteen times.

Do this 6 or 7 times and you lag out.

Super efficient!

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