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CII Shipyard (Discontinued)

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Like some people I'll put my designs here. They aren't anything to be proud about, but it adds to the lot (and one day there may be mods that replace the procedural ship generation with usermade designs and whole factions, so one'll be here in that case).


Here's a table of contents, now, as, for a lot of forums there's a character limit. I think a lot of materials will make a page each, but later materials will need two, as Titanium as a lot of additional designs exist compared to other materials.


One of the 0.19 or 0.18 updates dramatically increase hyperspace core energy demands, so a wave of upgraded and even new non-iron early game designs. Also, an Iron Scout Ship has been made, and the triniumgrade Madotsuki Scout Ship also got updated for the same energy problems.


I will probably be doing something else than Avorion for a moment, or maybe really start Ogonite then interrupt it to resume playing on Survival till I get to the gates of the Inner Sphere, when I'll be forced to make Ogonite designs ::).

There will be an annex for the Cargo Shuttles if varying-amount cargo shuttles appears. There will also be, after the base ships, pages for later difficulties' ships.


Page 1 - Iron-grade and some Titanium-grade ships (•‿•)

Page 2 - Titanium-grade ships (◑‿◐✿)

Page 3 - Naonite-grade ships ₍ఠ ͜ఠ₎

Page 4 - Trinium-grade ships ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

Page 5 - Xanion-grade ships ლ(*꒪ヮ꒪*)ლ

Page 6 - Ogonite-grade ships ヾ(✿๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ” (almost nothing here yet, just reserved)

Annex A - Mobile Ordnance ( ・_・)ノ๑v (Fighters, and a cargo shuttle)



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Iron Military Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]Souris-class Scout Ship (15 156 cr, 3 585 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]Extra-simple_shuttle.jpg

Name origin: A song from the ska band "Les Têtes Raides". Somehow this band has no YouTube coverage, except on a few songs.

A lowcost navette used by the CII to pop up Primeforts at small distances, but also wander around by jumping, as she is almost only made of solar panels. May fly escort to Codas.


Pitance-class Flak Corvette (12 873 cr, 6 831 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]127F696FE0AE6906BE343F6953ECF35E7FB481DF

Name origin: A song from the ska band "Les Têtes Raides". Somehow this band has no YouTube coverage, except on a few songs.

The Pitance-class is the first Iron-grade ship made for the CII fleets, with the hope of making a jump-capable ship, so a lot went into an energy millefeuille. Could she jump while costing already more than 6 000 Iron ? No. So no more effort went into her construction. Since her external design resembles the Shihori, she should be as combat-capable, in the Iron wastes, as a Shihori in the Titanium belt.

However, lack of integrity fields has shown to negatively impact her in most arena battles.


Ok, an extra inertia dampener was installed as her flight was waaay too drifty ::).


Achital Mark II-class Line Corvette (13 848 cr, 6 501 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]B38D85C5509534E5563E64CCAD8717A384052553

Name origin: Achille Talon/Walter Melon, which once used a contraction of his name as a pseudonym while posing as an independant illustrator.

The Achital was supposed to be a Titanium-grade fighter-like line corvette, but her design was pretty intricate (read: messy) and she ran afoul of energy problems, making her incapable of jump. When Iron small ships were discovered to be unable to jump, the Achital was repurposed as an Iron-grade ship, generator and integrity fields replaced by gyros, thrusters and more energy millefeuilles.

She was then thrown in the arena to fight a Mokocchi, that she destroyed, to much surprise. Then a Shihori, that she also destroyed. Then a Tulipuzo, that she almost destroyed. So the Iron-grade ship despite having as little as half a Pitance' health amount, hard-earned her way to line corvette status.

She may not pull a lot, but when unchecked the Achital ravages entire lances in a display of might and ferocity that even Lathrixian Legion ships wouldn't snicker about.


Espérance-class Line Corvette/Frigate (14 284 cr, 7 781 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]1CEAEF77989FF1AF28380DBD217DA20B400BC9A6

Name origin: I was maybe inspired by a

, or maybe it was hope that it would be jump-capable ?

The Espérance's strange mixed design resembling a Kilrathi-remade Trapisonda is probably due to her role as corvette lance tank. Having no battle reports except basic tests, her combat worth is yet unknown ???.

One day, the Iron wastes will be "helped" by the Initiative... Once it has stopped the budget cuts and mad search for worthy production chains in sectors that aren't as poor as the titanium-less nations :-\.


Natto Mk II-class Persecutor Corvette/Frigate (26 642 cr, 13 166 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]B4A61B9B1C882915D22DCC71A2D552899DA9BE47

Name origin:

An odd ship designed by the "Kizuna Drive" sub-sect in charge of the revolutionary "torpedo" technology. There must have been a major security issue as all kinds of pirates suddenly got the technology. Anyways, the Natto Mk II is an expensive and fragile ship, despite the recent invention of "spaced armor", which can be deadly in squads against stations or unescorted heavier ships. (Or at least, would be if captains knew how to reload torpedo tubes. Sigh.)


Misao-class Heavy Cruiser (307 922 cr, 148 471 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]D8736FC86C7D13465E173E08EEB8123D04CE1C49

Name origin: A horror visual novel of the same name.

The Misao is an anomaly (as there shouldn't be heavy cruisers in that material tier before at least Season 3/Hard difficulty) that has a fourfold purpose. First, she's a nice flagship as even the Espérance has limited health. Second, she's jump-capable, so she projects a presence even in offgrid sectors. Third, she has been designed with very ample crew quarters to accomodate for a station and/or a little fleet's worth of cultists, so she can deploy war assets or facilities once she has silenced most resistance. Fourth, she even has a small cargo hold so she can assist with raids in addition of providing lots of firepower.

Combat-wise, that ship is pretty robust and, with six weapons, can broadside from any angle with nice efficiency, usually bearing three weapons on target.




Iron Utility Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Utility Ships]

Soupault-class Scavenger (599 cr, 309 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]71C5DD14D3D887B219C42C7ADCE6A44F93AE344B

Name origin: A Têtes Raides song in homage to a surrealist artist.

The Soupault is very rarely used due to its inefficency and fragility. It's an asteroid-like scavenger ship, mining asteroids or salvaging near them in a pseudo-stealthy fashion. If asteroid stealth is to be a thing (which would validate stone as a worthy building material), the Soupault may be a desirable choice compared to a Pitance, Bob or an imported from the titanium belt Scavenger.


Bluejava-class Bus (90 394 cr, 42 514 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]BE374EE438E434B7396B832C0DFFF152E78E4ECD

Name origin: A Gaston Lagaffe strip (see description).

Consulting ancient archives from Terra, some Bluemie engineers found a way to upsize retrofit a model of "accordion bus" that was customized by an excellent but unlucky inventor and musician. The walking plant girls didn't find the idea downright evil at the time, but human captains were reported as insane in three hours of piloting.

The Bluejava is supposed to have headphones for largely enough crew for a Syabu Station, or maybe even two (an Espérance's capacity is probably enough for a Primefort).


Coda-class War Scavenger (22 744 cr, 9 273 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]4D3772F150D9FA4C22A1AA605092E3DEBF71B3CE

Name origin: A Têtes Raides ending song.

The Coda had the CII engineers desperately screwing their circonvolutions to balance the ship's weight with the necessity of guaranteeing her hull integrity with armor, in order to try making the lightest and least expensive war scavenger that could bear the energetic stress of hyperspatial travel.

The best idea was the front load-bearing cargo bay, as a dangling one would've needed as much armor as a wing ::).

In the end it's only less than two Pitances' worth of iron mostly dedicated to solar panel millefeuilles. The result is not bad to look at and theoretically does an adequate job at eating rocks or wreckage and jumping around when it's done :).


Bob-class Freighter (22 647 cr, 10 406 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]2934A12F179C76FF7F4ED805BB43DD8872004E6D

Name origin: A Têtes Raides character, who "takes back the antenna" at the end of a CD (at least, the "Qu'est-ce qu'on se fait chier" one, with the "Coda" song).

A non-jumping freighter, acting as a long-range shuttle in on-grid sectors, working in-tandem with Charliers. Also a valid choice for peaceful Titanium Belt regions, as Mitsuhas' are quite more expensive.


Charlier-class Freighter (88 084 cr, 42 370 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]203A01C709C066C0F219184B9A1D485132B8F038

Name origin: A Achille Talon/Walter Melon character, who's almost always seen eating a sandwich.

A freighter that uses an external "energy sandwich", made of a very dense 1:4 solar panel millefeuille to produce the downright insane amount of energy necessary for a 2000+-unit iron-grade cargo to undergo unaided hyperspace jumps.

Since it uses the same propusion as the Bob while weighing slightly more, the Charlier is slow and lumbering.




Iron Stations

[spoiler=Peruse Stations]

Primefort-class Station (263 459 cr, 52 411 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]AC7686DCC9189F3EA8AA5802EE7F77914852B7C5

Name origin: It's just a tower, so it's called as a fort, a small castle or contraction of fortification.

The mainstay CII irongrade station, the Primefort looks like someone ripped the tower out of a Castellan Titaniumgrade Station, and the linear design inspired in turn the Onodera Titaniumgrade Heavy Station.

The Primefort is as average and boring as she gets, but its simplicity is her best strength: the large symmetric armor plates promise durability in sectors where no one has Integrity Fields.


Syabu Station-class Heavy Station (1 103 048 cr, 264 939 Iron)

[spoiler=See the ship]A10A368C37D7E5B1AE0B08CB9DB4640833FB5172

Name origin: It's a reference to the sub account, a musician that I absolutely adore, and one of her fans.

The Syabu Station is an asteroid base, with average production and cargo values for an Iron Heavy Station. She seems robust with the huge health cost, although someone entering her could do serious internal damage by destroying the crew quarters, which aren't armored like her power plant.

She has sort of an internal ship dock and a huge millefeuille as a power plant, powering the huge engines, thrusters and inertial dampeners which should realign the massive asteroid.




Titanium Military Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]Mokocchi Mark II-class Scout Ship (31 749 cr, 3 035 Iron, 2 690 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Mokocchi_mark_II.jpg

Name origin: Watamote (or, in brief, No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!).

A quite discreet craft of the CII compared to the usual Tulipuzo or Mark II Sortarte, the Mokocchi is sometimes seen in stead of Flotus-class bus for station building. It's not a coincidence: that scout ship can accomodate for thirty-nine guests.

Her predecessor was the Trapisonda, which was more than twice as fragile and had some sort of curse, about captains suddenly becoming speed addicts before crashing on whatever they were looking at.

The Mokocchi is the first ship to have gotten an upgrade after the mysterious Warp Thickening incident causing hyperspace travel to be more expensive in terms of energy. She used to be almost as durable than a Shihori-class flak corvette, but her hull had to be thinned in places to get slimmer, while also showing a bigger firing profile.

She also used to also be the third ship to enjoy the 0.001 thick solar millefeuille and generator hybrid energy circuit.


Shihori-class Flak Corvette (23 403 cr, 3 968 Iron, 1 767 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]B1A92C51430DD78F66CEC49E7333024907C7DC33

Name origin: Shihori Escape, a visual novel

Second ship to have the hybrid millefeuille-generator energy circuit, the Shihori has been made with simplicity in mind, as a long broadsiding ship, some sort of turret-holder. It explains why there isn't a much inertial dampening.

For a flak corvette, the Shihori isn't much to write home about. She's low profile but her armor is flaky at times, she's fairly cheap to maintain and repair, and is relatively escapable as an enemy. She's also one of the rare noncapital ships escaping the Warp Thickening debacle without becoming obsolete. She's primarily used in masse, as a lance to counter fighters attacking a more standard fighting lance.


Nazuna Mark II-class Flak Corvette (50 017 cr, 3 614 Iron, 5 557 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]nazuna_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: Hidamari Sketch

Designed to test "tri-cross thrustspheres" that would make ships strafe better, the Nazuna was something of a failed prototype. Too pricey to be a flak corvette and too fragile to be a line corvette (making the naming strangely fitting), she became a flak lance leader (so the leader may pick the ship apart from the Shihoris).

The upgrade she had to get consolidated her ambivalent nature by adding a bulky shield and a fearsome pincer allowing for maximum damage in line role while having good firing arcs to intercept torpedoes in flak role.


Tulipuzo Mark II-class Line Corvette/Frigate (103 679 cr, 9 893 Iron, 11 430 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Tulipuzo_mark_iii.jpg

Name origin: mix between Tulip and Yurizo. I was somehow inspired by this track.

First ship to enjoy the 0.001 thick solar millefeuille and generator hybrid energy circuit, the Tulipuzo was a tad slow but agile. As the fledging cult wanted to become something of a backstage industrial empire that helps local factions out of poverty, to get enough money for the dream of making massive colony ships and a roadlike infrastructure to the center, where they believe there'll be a galactic musical event (they also believe the Xsotan is some sort of crowd controlling entity, and the circular rift a security cordon), the cult had to make a fairly robust mainline ship.

She used to be, after a period of strong popularity before the invention of the Taki-class light cruiser, kind of obsoleted as her front hardpoints reseted when repairing. After the upgrade, the problem was addressed and the Tulipuzo Mark II began being seen again in various roles. Her cargo hold was also upgraded, allowing for more looting, and her thrust was dramatically increased too ! She also has not one but actually two new torpedo shafts, eliminating a lot of the Okura's usefulness.

She's made alongside a titanium armor skeleton like its predecessor, the Timaeus which had to be crewed by more than 40 despite being more fragile, and had a really bad slapdash design.




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Thanks for the nice comment :)

Titanium Military Ships, cont'd[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]

Sortarte Mark III-class Line Corvette/Frigate (55 629 cr, 4 840 Iron, 6 334 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Less-simple_sortarte.jpg

Name origin: Wing Commander, probably the III? Actually a Kamrani-class.

While some Kilrathi joined the cult to try infiltrating Terra yet again, they were so embarrassed at first to drive ships made by cuddles and humans who worshipped idols that their engineers redesigned and rebuilt Sor'tath class corvettes.

Some adjustments later the first "Sortartes" were produced but those had critical flaws in their design (something about cargo holds serving as armor and way too lax security norms which led to extreme fragility for a liner). Together with the rest of the cult, Sortartes were redesigned from scratch to bear armor to space and have a somewhat sleeker and simpler appearance.

The resulting Sortarte Mark II was more resembling the original Sor'tath and was way beefier, as it should have been, and all went well from now on, until the Warp Thickening happened and hit the heavy Sortarte with horrible post-jump jet-lag. The Mark III was then remade from scratch to thin out armor that used to be needlessly strong in order to place hardpoints and thrusters, resulting as a less resilient ship than the Tulipuzo, but a slightly more agile one... which can loot twice as more, and is also equipped with a torpedo shaft like the original Sor'tath, which the Mark II lacked !

Warning: Unknown interference falsified thrust and velocity values. Should be somewhat higher than the predecessor, however.


Okura-class Persecutor Corvette (27 447 cr, 4 578 Iron, 4 098 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]43FB1B3BFE6047299DEF1D52A5F74DBD6F0488CC

Name origin:

The "Kizuna Drive" sub-sect, apparently driven by a very peculiar and extremely attractive artificial intelligence who wants to participate in the Galactic Core Event, has made that ship at the same time as the now-obsolete Natto Mk I. She is much better at doing what she should do, as she contains and throws lots more torpedoes. She may have become slightly obsolete now that Tulipuzos and Sortartes throw torpedoes like it's going out of style, though.


Taki Mark II-class Light Cruiser (299 969 cr, 35 418 Iron, 21 320 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Taki_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: Your Name, the author anime.

One of the CII's last ships of 2017, the Taki responded to the need of having a flagship that could haul cargo without a trailer. This light cruiser was twice as small and fragile as the Rikana but had a 2200+ cargo hold, makes stupendous vertical strafes and brakes just hard enough to feel powerful.

The post-Warp Thickening upgrade made the Taki's health low, but their movement ability increase (and agility, braking and looting abilities decrease, alas).

Together with a flak-fitted Mitsuha freighter the Taki can still lead commando raids to destroy stations, but the Rikana Mark II is better suited to WAAAGHs now !

Warning: Unknown interference falsified thrust and velocity values. Should be superior than the predecessor, speed of around 995 m/s has been noted.


Rikana Mark II-class Light Cruiser (272 150 cr, 42 929 Iron, 19 309 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Rikana_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: Mix Ore, one of Charon's visual novels.

First CII cruiser, the Rikana's boatlike appearance was supposed to encourage exploration, but used to be too big and rounded to do so leisurely so she was primarily used in system defense.

Interesting double anecdote about her: the Rikana Mark I was in fact the Rikana Mark II, except it was made before the CII's adoption of mark notation. Her predecessor cost two and half times as much resources, ten times as much credits and needed ten times as much crew, so it was named as such because its cost was so high and it seemed a trap.

Now, the Rikana Mark II (Mark III?) is a much better ship to be sent on sieges, as her cargo hold is a Mitsuha bigger than her predecessor !




Titanium Utility Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Utility Ships]Scavenger-class Scavenger (819 cr, 377 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]57CE6588D0BD6C1D632EA8891B1302C7D0A900DB

Name origin: It's just a scavenger.

When defender lances clashed against pirates, aliens and idiots, wreckages began to pile and inevitably cause lag. So a quick and simple way of dealing with wreckages was built once, and then twice, and then it became an cultwide standard.

Just drop her in a sector, ask her to mine or salvage an she'll clean it when you're away !

She has been designed with the starter mining drone in mind, and was kind of embarrassing to put on the workshop.


Flotus-class Bus (266 777 cr, 34 392 Iron, 32 471 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]B479F5E7FD7BFD6F27C4A09B8590DF43FC03404C

Name origin: Somehow, that adorable Lucky Star remix.

The Flotus is the current mainstay mass crew transport at the CII and, at the titanium belt, will stay this way for quite a while. Able to carry 940 passengers along with 78 useless nobles while being crewed by only 44, the Flotus shows a peerless 89% efficiency, while maintaining a good brake thrust and nice flight profile (to not crash the 1056 people into its destination), alongside an excellent structural integrity and health amount (to not explode the 1056 people into ordinary attackers).

Her energy circuit is strong enough to make it able to jump, collecting crew and evolving into stations offgrid.

The Flotus has way less work since the designing of the Mokocchi, which can crew an ordinary Castellan-class station while costing more than nine times less credits to deploy and wasting less crew space on engineers that'd be fired after the metamorphosis. She's still useful for Onoderas~ ::)


Pepe Pillo-class War Scavenger (16 173 cr, 1 617 Iron, 2 844 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]97DF7C665E36CCF9D4720573908821B0D6D7A3FD

Name origin: I think, a Rompetechos comic strip. I named it after the first thing that came in mind while thinking of "Pilleur" (Pillager/Scavenger).

Some time after the Scavenger was designed, a problem arose in one of the CII's main sectors. Suicidal freighter from a faction which the local faction was hostile passed by the sector, getting killed by the local police. The freighters exploded into loot when salvaged, loot that was then lost.

So a bigger scavenger was made, with a small cargo hold that could carry some of said loot, to start profiting from the suicidal behavior of the idiotic hostiles.

Her (his?) integrity-fielded titanium corner armor "antennae" allow salvaging turrets to be installed in apparently empty space, allowing such turrets to benefit from incredible angular coverage.

The Pepe Pillo wasn't only a slight upgrade, she (he?) was faster, tougher and (barely) jump-capable to allow more autonomous forays : she would become the Scavenger's successor if out of sector attack events became a reality. Or not.



Andis Mark II-class War Scavenger (55 172 cr, 6 715 Iron, 3 334 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]andis_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: An adorable


Once upon a time, attacks from the Aqwe Syndicate on the Eazogmeam Kingdom CII mining scavenger had plunged the CII guru into a trance, in whence he called upon spirits from a colorful land, to design. The only thing the scientists understood was "rainbow", so they made a pretty good but generic design, with a protruding hardpoint and a rainbow on the side of the cargo cointainer. Nice and funky and an adequate starter ship, the Andis was well-liked until the Warp Thickening made her problems more apparent: people didn't have enough space to lodge in.

The Mark II, shaped like some kind of gondola, now has more ample accomodations, but also more crew needs. Much more crew needs. And she isn't a starter ship anymore, though she can actually plow enemies with more ease as she's better armored.


Mitsuha Mark IV-class Freighter (253 535 cr, 37 579 Iron, 14 424 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]Mitsuha_mark_iv.jpg

Name origin: Your Name. No, not your own name ::), the author anime.

The Mitsuha was kind of an experiment in trying new ship shapes. Only lifeforms as odd as cuddles would try to make L-shaped ships.

The first series began as an unpopular one and definitely stayed this way - the cargo hold size was less than 150, which meant monstrous inefficiency. The second answered the issue with a less-than-wished 1400-ish-sized cargo hold, but later demonstrations at the Bedridden Scrolls Arena yards showed she couldn't jump without extensive modular help.

So a third series was made using, among other techniques, sideways energy-millefeuilles like in the naonite-grade Nadeko flak corvette, with a normal-sized cargo hold. Most of the price in iron went into a large inertial dampener, while big thrusters helping the gyros for turning, resulting in uncanny agility: making her a military ship was as simple as slapping on Turret Control Systems, with no modular energy grid requirement.

The Mitsuha Mark III has notably been used as a war looter, covered in chainguns to provide flak, with frank success.

The Mitsuha Mark IV is the post-Warp Thickening upgrade. Twice as expensive (even more in crew!), but also with almost half bigger cargo, and better brakes. And front hardpoints to allow siege fits in WAAAGHs !


Hotaru-class Heavy Freighter (4 455 665 cr, 728 371 Iron, 200 824 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]BF674AA15060D6261EA5D9114D15D62A005A5ABC

Name origin: A delicious girl from Dagashi Kashi~

The Hotaru has been developed since the need for a heavier freighter stemmed from the need to supply weapons parts to turret factories, since the Mitsuha couldn't supply for a "regular" batch of 20 iron bolters' worth at a time. The demand was for an "elite" heavy freighter, marrying the large cargo space with great movement abilities in order to make faster weapon supply rounds, ignoring economic consideration.

An hilarious calculation mishap happened, and the Hotaru was made with twice the expected cargo space, and so, twice as expensive as she should have in order to carry the ridiculous mass with refined and speedy agility. So she became the most expensive ship ever done by the CII for a very long time, needing ten sectors' worth of materials to be built, and as much crew as a full Flotus' worth.

A new "holographic docking ports" was also tested on the Hotaru to make her supply capabilities even faster, but it doesn't seem to work~




Titanium Stations

[spoiler=Peruse Stations]Castellan-class Station (513 337 cr, 74 671 Iron, 18 870 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]8B655B58C5DCD23B098117255BF935A8103C6810

Name origin: Castellan is an old word meaning someone living in a castle, or as an adjective :).

Most CII stations in the Titanium belt are those floating castles. The main "dungeon" contains the crew quarters and is made of titanium armor, while the big plates are made of iron armor and mostly covers the cargo hold(s). The small towers inside the courtyards contain the primitive locomotive functions necessary to align itself before anchoring.


Onodera-class Heavy Station (1 241 119 cr, 131 022 Iron, 151 865 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]774677F2968F9F8FC8BAFE0B058BA1D2B8174054

Name origin: Nisekoi

The Onodera-class Heavy Station has been named by the cult leader (who wanted to make a Nisekoi-themed heavy station line) anterior to its design, then the design has been given to invent to Kilrathi engineers (most Kilrathi cultists enrolled themselves in the idol cult in hopes to invade Terra before their original inhabitants go back in charge), who had to understand the concept of "silk hiding steel" before mixing it up. It was a good idea and the Onodera has proven to be a magnificient heavy station design. On the other side, the Onodera had become a very intimidating sight with razor-sharp armor edges, but the cult leader overlooked that drawback, even saying the dichotomy between character and station appearances was "exciting".


CommanderVideo-class Trading Post (1 103 049 cr, 282 016 Iron, 77 897 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]4246BB93538F1EAB83A5DEC6B38B5E6660EDA811

Name origin: The BIT.TRIP games.

A proof-of-concept ship for a player-made Mobile Merchant Ship, the CommanderVideo makes a nice Trading Post, at least in theory for the future days when 13.5 millons would be considered a small investment (I'm playing willfully ignoring the whole "lucky trading post" exploit :)).

It is able to move pretty fast (1100 m/s if I remember it well), with a measure of agility (for a station), and can carry enough to dedicate more or less 2700 units to every of the 24 slots of a normal trading post. It's also able to jump, in theory.


JoeBar-class Utility Station (111 803 cr, 10 450 Iron, 7 420 Titanium)

[spoiler=See the ship]635C665893E3C11CA744FA75392BC84F0F2680AE

Name origin: The Joe Bar Team comic book

Probably my fourth ship and second station (maybe even anterior to the CII plotline), the JoeBar is a space bike garage ! The bottom docking bay physically having a path to the inside structures, in what's supposed to be an hollowed-out asteroid. Alas, station stealth, even just aesthetic, is nigh-on impossible because of the docking rules which oblige docks to be the furthest away from the station from one of the six cardinal points.

Apart from that, the JoeBar makes a very good non-producing station (except trading post of course) as her production and cargo hold are very modest. She's mostly a defensive structure, even if at the current state of affairs stations cannot wield more than two weapons.




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Naonite Military Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]Kotoura Mark II-class Scout Ship (103 437 cr, 3 216 Iron, 2 822 Titanium, 8 198 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]kotoura_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: Kotoura-san <3 !

An audacious design from the CII boondoggle repository, the Kotoura is still a costly but fairly robust scout ship, that can kick around Nazuna Mark I titanium-grade flak corvettes with a few scratches or not. Accelerates really well to get out of harm's way and uses thrusters to rotate and strafe with moderate success.

The Kotoura used to not have much in terms of inertial dampening, so one had to know in advance when to counter-thrust, and no telepathy was to be involved. But now it isn't the case anymore with the Mark II, which is also much more robust ! And even sillier looking.


Nadeko Mark II-class Flak Corvette (42 013 cr, 916 Iron, 983 Titanium, 3 806 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]nadeko_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: The Monogatari Series.

Trying to make a naonite skeleton to make a naonite broadside flak frigate resulted in a genius masterwork design: a wall designed to cover the ship's systems while offering incredible angles to bear four weapons to, causing enemies to vaporize at a downright scary pace, while being averagely healthy and pretty robust, for an almost more advantageous price than a Kotoura Scout Ship !

Her combat-worthyness has been proved by slaying a Sortarte Mark II in an arena duel, and Khorne knows how strong and beefy those Kilrathi corvettes are !

Her post-Warp Thickening successor is much less asymmetrical, but still a formidable foe by all means, while also staying as useful as a flakker.


Mifune-class Line Corvette/Frigate (167 599 cr, 7 937 Iron, 3 258 Titanium, 10 863 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]Mifune.jpg

Name origin: Kotoura-san <3 !

The Mori, the Mifune's predecessor was an inexplicable enigma for the engineer: her shield generator was awful and her combat worthiness humiliating, which made her a very unpopular choice despite the averageness of the Kamek, her rival.

Another ship took her place during the post-Warp Thickening upgrades, with a strange shape. The Mifune can fire in the front, exposing not much of a firing profile, or in the contrary, shield another ship by exposing her rear solar paneling.

Of course it was pretty easy for her to vanquish the Mori, who had almost no combat worth despite her name.


Kamek Mark II-class Line Corvette/Frigate (214 544 cr, 10 343 Iron, 6 571 Titanium, 15 856 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]kamek_mark_ii.jpg

Name origin: The design is based off a Wing Commander one, but the name modification made it also reference Super Mario Bros.

Theoretical successor to the Sortarte Mark II, the Kamek embarassed the Kilrathi engineers by failing in a duel against it's predecessor. However the Kamek and their successor brakes faster, has a little more cargo, has nice shielding and is definitely nicer to look at.

The Kamek Mark II has enhanced everything except inertia dampening, and got rid of an annoying hyperspace problem (in addition to being adapted to the thickened Warp). They's however almost as expensive as a Moxie-class Light Cruiser, but the CII stopped counting for noncapital pricing.


Ichigodaifuku-class Persecutor Light Cruiser (181 516 cr, 21 012 Iron, 3 139 Titanium, 12 601 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]85A418B6C00CFA44520E20A35B2B4B00E461C178

Name origin:

A tiny cruiser-sized naonitegrade "Persecutor" ship designed by the Kizuna Drive. Able to throw torpedoes four at a time for almost two minutes straight at a target in a spiral pattern if captains could get the hang of reloading or firing more than one launcher at a time, the inoffensive-looking cherry-like Ichigodaifuku can bomb stations to wrecks in seconds by her lonesome.

She also boasts Nadeko-like walled hardpoints on the top, with a obvious weak point at the bottom, though her rotation speed disables most ships to take advantage of it if they're targeted.

(Also, her "true" class probably lies somewhere between a line corvette and a light cruiser. Sigh, complicated ::).)


Moxie Mk II-class Light Cruiser (283 544 cr, 13 405 Iron, 15 939 Titanium, 15 605 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]0E19BB920CB81CDDC87E6A83B41B3B1DFB7F6E2B

Name origin: One of the main characters in NomnomNami's main Visual Novel series.

Designed to be an agile cruiser able to respond to moderate threats, the Moxie can also serve as a main tanking ship for security lances, as Moris and Kameks seem lacking in solidity, while the Moxie is well, a cruiser.

She's extremely agile, and it's good as the Moxie sacrificed both cargo hold space and health for that.

Her propulsion is heavily thruster-based, using the four wing-engines and explaining her roll speed ::).

The Mk II upgrade now in circulation replaces one of the thruster-wings by a torpedo storage and dual launcher, allowing her to explode enemies from far away at the captain's mere will.


Kanakura-class Heavy Cruiser (1 262 078 cr, 99 332 Iron, 69 530 Titanium, 42 563 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]Kanakura.jpg

Name origin: Nisekoi~

The Trapisonda-Cursed and unfortunately ugly Ruri-class Heavy Cruiser, like the similarly unpopular Mori, had to give way for a new design. That one had been made as a challenge given to Cuddle engineers by Kilrathi.

The Kanakura is a "artist's rendition" of a Snakeir-class Heavy Cruiser, and was the best idea of the Warp Thickening anti-obsolescence upgrade wave of designs. The Kanakura is twice as strong as the Ruri and backing shield with appropriate hull strength, has as much bombing ability as an Ichigodaifuku, lots of hardpoints, an offensive profile, good brakes, and can even serve as impromptu light crew transport !




Naonite Utility Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Utility Ships]

Ukobach-class Scavenger (2 575 cr, 410 Iron, 148 Titanium, 246 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]C473EAAC8B42ACAA836CAD88881DB6718DC04795

Name origin: A demon of old, that I knew while watching an LP of Castlevania

A frankly adorable scavenger design, the Ukobach uses its lanterns to both illuminate the dustiest asteroid fields and fire its mining/salvaging/repair beams. She even has a cute shield to increase her survivability by one or two seconds.


Nanashi-class Bus (268 099 cr, 19 346 Iron, 19 550 Titanium, 15 860 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]5FD9B2B651E10B8A99FB8C634DFD433E5C28A6B9

Name origin: 1bitheart, a visual novel series whose main character is adorable ;D

Named as "no name" as, well, she (he?) didn't get a name at any part of the design, the Nanashi is the Flotus' successor, slightly more resilient and only slightly more spacious. Her (his?) alas lackluster performance puts her in a very niche usage - crew transferring in 3-to-5-distant offgrid sectors, unless one counts its aesthetic value, as the Nanashi is slightly more elegant than the ol' flying brick Flotus.


Magic Kappa-class War Scavenger (98 746 cr, 5 555 Iron, 4 025 Titanium, 6 867 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]FF41246B23C5726F897C415A097D39B438F4CBCD

Name origin: An adorable (?)


What is yelling obscenites in a funny baby-like accent, salvaging enemies alive while crashing into everything (because of her star-like shape) ? Apparently, the rainbow spirits have blessed the CII scientists with inspirational design.

Yes, the naonitegrade War Scavenger puts the "War" in front, especially since Persecutors kick ordinary mining scavengers' ass every time the escorts have their back turned. Sturdier than a Nadeko, so she can even be fitted to fight as a line or flak corvette, just add gunners, TCS and pulse cannons/point defense ::).


Setsuna-class Cargo (414 744 cr, 18 745 Iron, 23 548 Titanium, 19 734 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]40FC2F2BE85753F9121F0324255FA15FCB980433

Name origin: A

from Yuyushiki which was remixed A LOT on the SoundClouds I usually hear from. It's also a common name.

The Setsuna is the Naonite cargo of the CII, a sailing ship which boasts a lot of space, high speed, and low braking. She was made at the same time as the Moxie, though she was somehow forgotten from the change to the second second season to the third second season (the 0.17/0.18 update).




Naonite Stations

[spoiler=Peruse Stations]

Dualefort-class Station (1 131 601 cr, 69 705 Iron, 48 745 Titanium, 43 359 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]3D14CAB8D9D420D199AA7ED76F482AAEA57AEC4D

Name origin: Its two Primefort towers, so I was inspired by the second tome of the Lord of the Rings ;D

The Dualefort is simply two Primeforts, one bigger to put a shield generator in, linked by an almost rocklike bridge with eerie torches that give almost no light. Feels evil. Whatever, its production and cargo values are as normal as they can be and it's solid, so it's an alright naonitegrade station.

At least, since it's the CII mainstay station for Naonite Ring station, it lords over the ring when no Heavy Station is present in the sector rimshot.gif.


Chitoge-class Heavy Station (2 649 908 cr, 126 144 Iron, 118 869 Titanium, 119 204 Naonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]B8722295AF8A63DEC916378B7AB144AC5AB4C19F

Name origin: Niseko~oi

The Chitoge is the Onodera's successor and is worthy of being it by mixing the "steel hiding silk" Onodera schtick to the Nadeko "defensive wall with hardpoints jutting out" gimmick, resulting is both a high tolerance for shenanigans and better ability to defend herself with the two turrets all station dispose of.

Her cargo hold and production values are on-par with current CII norma, and she at least has a passing resemblance to the character she's based off because of the red ribbon-like edges. Her only drawback at the moment is the fear of dark confined spaces (read: of getting her docks clogged with stuck freighters, a pretty gamebreaking bug still present in 0.15.7 ::)).




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Trinium Military Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]

Madotsuki Mark II-class Scout Ship (293 650 cr, 3 742 Iron, 3 685 Titanium, 8 320 Naonite, 19 190 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]663E29348C09020B836E638255CFCBDB40154513

Proportions have been altered since last screenshot taken -_-.

Name origin: Yume Nikki's main character.

An experimental ship that is supposed to evade torpedoes using her experimental "Medamaude MicroJumpDrive", a cell containing a coaxial Force Gun (there are bases for both pull and push) to propell herself at subluminic speeds.

However, the disponibility of such coaxial ordnance is null until Turret Factories can be pressed to make bigger size turrets, though the guru has seen the ship fail in that regard.

He however didn't forget to make a Mark II post-Warp Thickening version, as even before the event the Madotsuki had shown major energy problems, a very bad thing for a ship supposed to boost strongly and liberally.


Honoka-class Flak Corvette (96 823 cr, 1 089 Iron, 980 Titanium, 5 928 Naonite, 4 526 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]818B6E1365D4B03CF476A51220B4A030DC492B8A

Name origin: One (and the cruelest) of the titular yanderes in Yanderella, one of Charon's visual novels.

The Honoka is a streamlined version of the Nadeko with a slightly different, catamaran-like shape. Her hull is unusually strong, which'll help her a lot as enemy ships in the Trinium Reaches tend to have disproportionate amounts of firepower compared to in the Belts.

She is also pretty expensive, but all ships in the Reaches also tend to be made of large amounts of materials, so it wouldn't be a problem as the materials would be much more salvaged than mined. Though, when fitted with point defense she cannot emasculate wreckage by herself~ ♪


Wakaba-class Line Corvette (189 399 cr, 3 968 Iron, 2 064 Titanium, 7 007 Naonite, 9 689 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]254AA457FC9971158C514B0EB78BDF7444F3662D

Name origin: The titular character of Wakaba Girl~

Trinium is extraordinary light, allowing for designs more focused around mobility like the titaniumgrade Nazuna-class ought to be. The Wakaba is also covered in reflector armor, giving her the appearance of a stealth bomber, and able to fire Size-4 torpedoes, two at a time.

During testing the Wakaba was able to outperform the Nadeko in a duel but not the Kamek, though the Nadeko is stronger than the Kamek, all three outperforming the Mori of course.


Kurgen-class Line Corvette (174 014 cr, 3 602 Iron, 1 704 Titanium, 10 800 Naonite, 6 448 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]33636D9CEB6FFB69C60DC6B8488D1676B5EDCA4F

Name origin: It's a Starlancer Coalition ship !

For all your "extraordinarily brutish ship" needs, the Kurgen is a tiny mastodon of epic performance. During testing he met his match, surviving at critical hull levels, against the Ruri Heavy Cruiser - footage of the battle impressing representants of the CII's most warlike species :o.

The Kurgen is exceptionally solid, well defended and has a badass top gun to shoot down against whatever hardships she (he?) faces, and they can loot too :D ! Them is a welcome sight after the disappointments that were their Mori and Kamek predecessors :).


Treat-class Light Cruiser (849 616 cr, 25 575 Iron, 4 816 Titanium, 36 254 Naonite, 21 368 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]9539FBE3A31E6646F1E8270B0F35FDE7DB62CFF6

Name origin: One of the main characters in NomnomNami's main Visual Novel series.

The Treat is a treat of a ship, and contrasts the mobility-focus Moxie, showing robust amounts of armoring and ability to deploy a supporting squad of fighters to compensate for poor firing angles. She(he?) can also build their own fighter craft at as slow pace.

They also has stupendous amounts of braking power, making them a very secure choice of craft.


Tamagotakegohan-class Persecutor Heavy Cruiser (717 742 cr, 19 461 Iron, 13 278 Titanium, 26 876 Naonite, 57 510 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]B678B3AA7DD716024F16EC50C7FE85AA97FBE375

Name origin:

The Trinium Persecutor from the Named Goddess' followers is exactly what you'd imagine of a Trinium Persecutor. She has eight size-5 torpedo shafts and freighter-sized storage for her ammunition, and her front-heavy shape protects her ordnance while her cockpit can support a stunning amount of turrets, allowing her to blast enemies with consequent firepower even as they get close.


Masuzu-class Heavy Cruiser (2 024 621 cr, 165 299 Iron, 43 708 Titanium, 87 102 Naonite, 60 329 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]3D7632C1448850DD2963D9484A6F4A640FBD7D3A

Name origin: Oreshura's delicious deuteragonist !

Contrasting the brute-forcing defensive smaller designs, the CII invented a design based on "spacefaring biichi exploding faces with vicious aggressivity". The result, the Masuzu, is downright fantastic. Her hands and shoulders can support big cannons, she has a nasal coaxial size-4 turret base, her smile blows a rather large amount of fighter craft, her breasts are size-4 torpedo shafts, and her legs give her lightning-fast mobility to charge on enemies tumbling in murderous drill kicks or tearing enemy ships by her hands.

Nothing says "biichi" better than being exploded by dizzying arrays of weapons while having your heart torn up by a lovely smiling face.

But the most wonderful things about the Masuzu is the glowing "energy hair" which produces extraordinary amounts of energy !


Narusegawa-class Light Destroyer (7 865 363 cr, 134 823 Iron, 215 961 Titanium, 262 265 Naonite, 166 466 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]CD90C3B92DF22561EBD7D0432DD2060A3E955C69

Name origin: Love Hina's even more delicious deuteragonist !

First-made ship of that class, she was made too big and had to be reduced to three-quarters of her original size. She's a kind of an aircraft-carrier shaped floating city, complete with vaporwave A E S T H E T I C S. She can welcome large amounts of fighters in her great hangars, fire large amounts of size-3,75 torpedoes (you may easily extend them as they are on the top), and be fitted with a size-10 coaxial BWAARF Cannon, though finding one is impossible until Turret Factories get upgraded to produce bigger sized weapons.

Anyway she is the ideal flagship choice for a CII guru.




Trinium Utility Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Utility Ships]

Gauph-class Scavenger (24 307 cr, 581 Iron, 3 047 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]3C9AE70DCFC03E544CED376EBB645A917F3C5915

Name origin: The worker unit of Dominant Species, an old RTS game.

Some sort of "overequipped" "elite" scavenger, the Gauph can (very slowly) produce a squad of size-1 fighters to help her scavenge ! She can also jump (not far), loot very limited amounts of things, and of course house her own crew (despite lack of space).


Usamin-class Bus (673 389 cr, 19 497 Iron, 28 601 Titanium, 23 959 Naonite, 23 583 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]D99B978C54C0F10A797EB17DFD20A3276B9D28EF

Name origin: An

IDOLM@ASTER Cinderella Girls idol. The ship is a (slightly modified) Gibi rocket in Les Shadoks.

Gibi engineering is extremely lax, so even huge improvements on their rocket design have proven barely ineffective to make it a worthy luxury liner. So the Usamin handles badly, but is more robust (?) than her predecessor the Nanashi.


Ainen-class War Scavenger (510 768 cr, 3 636 Iron, 1 615 Titanium, 7 201 Naonite, 24 284 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]BCC89F47C6D4D81C3E3FFE0827C7E7BFE4678886

Name origin: An adorable


[glow=#FF2626,8,1200]I am cuteness

Those are my angels

They will help you find the light[/glow]

Unknown design origin. Text added after report, cannot be erased, comes back by itself. Blind people recovering sight, non-blind people losing all sight, people catching fire and various strong psychological reactions (adoration, regression, terror, obsession for bells, animal ears, rainbows and the color white) on unknown criteria.

Tests indicate it's slightly more battlefield-prepared scavenger with better production values and cargo as the Gauph.

Edit: The glowiness of this ship interfered with gravimetric sensors, giving away erroneous data for velocity. Her maximum is a nice 737 m/s.



Yoriko-class Freighter (382 492 cr, 7 574 Iron, 12 726 Titanium, 13 411 Naonite, 22 242 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]D93EC417F2521F15E46B1416CA580F2A6352543F

Name origin: Yuyushiki's gift from God/homeroom teacher.

The Yoriko is a "fast and cheap" freighter which, alas, has a problem with the "fast" part as her energy grid is somehow dismal, only leaving mere megawatts of energy after a jump, so she is better going around gates like the irongrade Bob. She is however functional.


Boston-class Academobile (25 278 924 cr, 304 746 Iron, 371 046 Titanium, 216 039 Naonite, 315 045 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]8CD4988F9F373E35A77BFF16D49B991D7DCB9B35

Name origin: An english town. The naming scheme is supposed to be magical (Trinium to Avorion) and nonmagical (Iron to Trinium) schools, Boston being in the middle because of that~

Civilian sister-ship to the Narusegawa, the Boston is the first of a new class of ship functioning as mobile fighter pilot academies: mobile stations made to produce fighters at an acceptable pace to supply them to all other CII carriers, as producing any fighters other than throwaway Dralthiken or Zuom Cloarth is very slow for even Soras.

It roughly costs as much as a Narusegawa-class and a station and Fighter Station credentials.




Trinium Stations

[spoiler=Peruse Stations]

Dualgeon-class Station (1 688 482 cr, 101 170 Iron, 54 200 Titanium, 28 230 Naonite, 54 319 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]4A89D1F62A6C7CEC2B32A0859E5515334D811077

Name origin: It's just a castle with a dual dungeon.

After two linked Primeforts, here's two Primeforts on a Castellan. Yay for modular design ! However she has a novelty: a hangar, for 120 size-1 cargo shuttles, eventually.


Sora-class Heavy Station (2 567 194 cr, 94 893 Iron, 31 028 Titanium, 68 543 Naonite, 62 873 Trinium)

[spoiler=See the ship]C7D396D446F8DB1C5C405F75969F04331A74E885

Name origin: A pretty name. I was inspired by that song.

A fortified beach pleasure resort, the Sora also happens to be pretty defensive with her hardpoints jutting out around the whole usual antenna-like docking ports ! Of course she also has a spacious hangar.




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Xanion Military Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Military Ships]

Medaka-class Scout Ship (1 435 931 cr, 19 422 Iron, 4 968 Titanium, 3 120 Naonite, 27 826 Trinium, 77 926 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]C22C9B9F873A732FC5EF6B9FBC8D93A98AC5B533

Name origin: The main character of Medaka Box :) !

After the strangeness of the Madotsuki's design, the CII high clergy decided the next Scout Ships to focus on quality rather than small size. The Medaka is a very strange ship, containing all a systems a CII ship could have at the time (torpedo shafts, hangars, cargo, and Medamaude microwarpdrive) on a very compact frame.

The Medaka is a mini-flagship, copying her subordinates' skills to reinforce the local fleet's weaknesses, though she's very good behind said fleet to tactically supervise its battles.



Yuno-class Flak Corvette (220 870 cr, 4 273 Iron, 2 089 Titanium, 14 055 Trinium, 6 043 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]BCB2E9D73461E1400D6FBEBFB0DED270B3D961D0

Name origin: Mirai Nikki's deuteragonist.

Evolved from the Nadeko's walled design, the Yuno also walls her thrusters and other vital systems into separate nacelles, causing observers to wonder how her roll speed is so low while most thrusters should help such movement.

Despite that, she is a worthy combatant, showing impressive resilience, turning speed and exposed hardpoints to catch any torpedo or fighter coming in her general vicinity, and can be refitted into a line corvette with big guns as easily as pointing a finger at her, provided you have big enough Turret Control Systems modules and a spare Mr.Genetor unit :).


Nana-class Line Corvette (312 518 cr, 6 898 Iron, 903 Titanium, 1 656 Naonite, 10 946 Trinium, 13 561 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]CFBBDEF8679A60E4774B28B46CBDD01F3C76F97B

Name origin: One of Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san's adorable girls.

The Nana is a really simple and straight to the point multipurpose design, around the "can be converted into coaxial artillery" idea: thus when she enters Aki's bed the vicinity of anything she can deal large amounts of damage, especially in swarms where her stunning agility can avoid crashes like no tomorrow.


Mochi-class Light Cruiser (772 195 cr, 16 873 Iron, 21 726 Titanium, 3 161 Naonite, 25 692 Trinium, 34 537 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]9F15E7D96842BE2AA125CC3B8A7360122430DFE9

Name origin: One of the main characters in NomnomNami's main Visual Novel series.

The Mochi completes a trio of oppositely-designed ships: unlike the heavily-armed attacker Mochi or the defensive Treat, the Mochi is focused on multiple small weapons: she excels when equipped with independent targeting single-slot laser turrets with active Defensive Mode, both flakking and attacking from any angle she can choose to approach the enemy with.


Rikka-class Heavy Cruiser (3 902 703 cr, 75 450 Iron, 14 320 Titanium, 96 376 Naonite, 97 625 Trinium, 97 052 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]1DC0B7246D864EBE364A482D7B1D42403AE66A50

Name origin: The second main character of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.

A fair all-rounder sporting modest hangars, small torpedo shafts, a neat cargo hold and good firepower. Has very good speed and maneuverability. Resembles nothing: the CII directorate took two entire days of reunions to find her a name and almost named her Tomoko before remembering the Mokocchi titaniumgrade Scout Ship.



Chiwa-class Light Destroyer (10 181 167 cr, 214 985 Iron, 54 106 Titanium, 85 695 Naonite, 233 252 Trinium, 471 847 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]51993E5B43DA4408D172002CE848FD1C522C459A

Name origin: Oreshura's protagonists' delicious childhood friend and love interest.

The Masuzu was a fierce craft among CII Trinium ships, but may have lacked a little oomph in terms of presence and endurance. Her successor the Chiwa directly addresses those problems to terrific effect in presenting herself as a similarly-designed ship of Light Destroyer caliber.

She is harder, faster, better and stronger than her predecessor, despite shenanigans reducing her unique torpedo shaft' size from 16 to 10. She can also loot twice more than a Narusegawa and can store an hilarious amount of torpedoes and 120 size-8 fighters.


Namatemago-class Persecutor Heavy Destroyer (24 902 138 cr, 390 599 Iron, 92 160 Titanium, 325 127 Naonite, 433 274 Trinium, 1 923 844 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]49C3838FA50C09B0E0EC0B2D72A24D8E2AC60B49

Name origin:

The Namatemago has twice the amount of torpedo shafts as her predecessor the Tamagotakegohan, who had eight shafts. The sixteen shafts are also of size sixteen, in order to perfectly sweeten the enemy wreckage.

The pretty spaced design is pretty neat and underlines the enormity of the shafts and their overwhelming number.

To add to all those torpedo explosions, enough hangars to house 120 fighters (especially Yumiddles) and four size-4 front coaxial-able hardpoints (it's not the Konno's YotsuMasher, but whatever) are available to fire more explosions, to truly enforce the Namatemago experience.

(NOTE: For security reasons and in the case of Ai Kizuna going rogue, only ten shafts per ship are set to work at a time. So she can destroy us slowly enough to gloat sexily about it.)



Konno-class Heavy Destroyer (46 294 998 cr, 421 452 Iron, 160 086 Titanium, 374 294 Naonite, 1 640 435 Trinium, 2 286 386 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]5BA3E3A949FD34B873AB6ADB7FC53C1804DBD2D7

Name origin: A wonderful young woman from Love Hina.

Horrible tales from the Inner Sphere have prompted the CII to make a stronger ship than even the Chiwa to explore it. The Narusegawa's successor is clashingly different in design, counting on a pseudo-circular shape and ample ability to rotate herself to explode enemies in five different directions: torpedoes at port, hangar and coaxial YotsuMasher sixteen-seeker-rocket-launcher at starboard, nasty five hardpoints at the front, and two rock-hard dense rear side-bumpers alongside tremendous engine power and necessarily drunken pilot to whack enemies with enough force to send other capital ships and herself flying way out of sight and battle, only to see the Konno returning alone like some sort of terrifying forgotten beast grasping at ships to sink them forever underneath... I don't know man, some big asteroid field :-\ ?




Xanion Utility Ships

[spoiler=Peruse Utility Ships]

Cloudman-class Scavenger (163 027 cr, 2 508 Iron, 4 574 Trinium, 9 903 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]3586941F9810BC2D9BB8ADF2CAFCEA8929F87025

Name origin: One of the victims in killer7, though its shape references one of my The Games Factory games as a 9x9 pixels swimmer-like craft ^_^.

A tiny and fast craft for her size, that can scavenge just fine, with no hangar. Most of the (Xanion) price is due to the hyperspace core, so she can jump far and be complimentary to the more gate-based, fighter-laying Gauph.


Mikado-class Bus (2 187 744 cr, 60 079 Iron, 44 581 Titanium, 42 500 Naonite, 52 410 Trinium, 75 813 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]3F2ED3E5DCA308C02A61E7BF80C19E582933939A

Name origin: 1bitheart, a visual novel series whose main character's "big brother" is also adorable ;D

The Mikado has been made to transport two thousand crew, and she(he?) is (logically) like a bigger Nanashi in that respect. But nobody would have thought the Mikado-class to be brutal enough in battle to drop a Dualcastel' shield in one or two mere salvos.

To block a Mikado from doing their mission is folly and needs destroyer-class opposition to make them consider deviating from their planned trip. They is also far faster and more agile than their predecessor.


Naddition-class War Scavenger (1 283 791 cr, 30 373 Iron, 9 650 Titanium, 22 202 Naonite, 53 089 Trinium, 42 179 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]43F3675E6636C3580E0F249A3E8D8099AC681D25

Name origin: An adorable (?)


An unassuming but elegant, spacious and expensive war scavenger, seemingly cute enough, but enemies that attack that "civilian" ship usually scream as they get assaulted in a horrifying manner, as she hides a murderous size-9 torpedo shaft, usually loading with shield disrupting ordnance, before she closes in for the kill bearing salvaging fighters and beams suddenly focusing on the shieldless ship.

Yes, she's like Heavy Cruiser-sized ::).


Seta-class Freighter (1 137 597 cr, 28 722 Iron, 8 096 Titanium, 40 313 Naonite, 39 659 Trinium, 36 350 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]23B72544653D20C7D1E3C68B23A192127E325C75

Name origin: One of Love Hina's characters, actually a crazy driver.

The Seta has been an inspiration for the Namatemago's design. Her (His?) diamond-shaped parallepipedic shape allowed for a strange and pretty nice-looking "partial spaced armor". Said partial spaced armor and ample Trinium usage allowed the Seta to haul 3000 units of cargo at a frantic acceleration speed, going from 0 to 1200 m/s in four seconds.

Adding four weakpoint-covering hardpoints also made the Seta as deadly as the Mikado xaniongrade Bus, allowing a very wacky coupling of pure blockade-pulverizing, torpedo-dodging action.



Kammthaar-class Heavy Bus (6 974 640 cr, 157 537 Iron, 744 Titanium, 205 800 Naonite, 206 847 Trinium, 228 619 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]458FE07BC322A99A0B7C7F03996FCC338480EF08

Name origin:

from the French metal band Ultra Vomit :) !

Mikados are fun and nice to drive, but Konno-class Heavy Destroyers need five of them to be crewed by, which is a telltale sign of a Heavy Bus' necessity.

The first Heavy Bus ever made by the CII is obviously a giant truck, with actual (parallepipedic, of course) tires that do not seem to be of any use to a spaceship, though winged and even a boatlike design were also invented by the cult's mad (or just boring) engineers.

Her very simple design has nothing to be said about: she drives correctly, and defends herself adequately.


Histoire-class Anti-MEL Variant Heavy Destroyer (51 675 056 cr, 291 600 Iron, 157 125 Titanium, 108 000 Naonite, 601 749 Trinium, 1 573 847 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]99B7EE6AA579252ABC19321A16C7523817D87F03

Name origin: A book fairy from Neptunia.

The Konno is also a freelance writer, but it doesn't explain how she can turn into a book to throw herself at Mobile Energy Labs. Made with compatibility with the Konno in mind.


Beauxbâtons-class Academobile (94 382 843 cr, 68 887 Iron, 39 234 Titanium, 30 Naonite, 1 007 349 Trinium, 1 473 341 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]1A32A10CCF81566FD1AEDC27B2540CA9CCC2B5EF

Name origin: A French magical college in Harry Potter.

Academobiles have a rule about each one being four times bigger than her predecessor. So it would be understandable the Beauxbâtons is four times as expensive and massive as the Boston, who was already a pretty unwieldy craft in herself.

The Beauxbâtons is classified as "Mid Game" instead of "Early Game" as, if you'd take a gander at the Mobile Ordnance Annex, you'd remark that Kibaddle are actually much "easier to build" than Yumiddles, so this craft is actually useless till another, "harder to build" Xaniongrade fighter craft is made. (Or maybe you may replace her hangar with an Ogonite or Avorion one.)




Xanion Stations

[spoiler=Peruse Stations]

Dualcastel-class Station (3 123 879 cr, 46 051 Iron, 105 283 Titanium, 60 006 Naonite, 67 284 Trinium, 81 433 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]957EE1AABC29938E7B148B8CC3B68AF2EC30F680

Name origin: Twin castle !

Even stations that should be modest like that one are big, as they need more assemblies, cargo and hangar space and thus, even more everything, so CII stations keep stacking on each other to satiate the ever-increasing demand for production, despite... confusing docking arms ?


Marika-class Heavy Station (10 562 015 cr, 190 604 Iron, 240 109 Naonite, 2 768 Trinium, 658 311 Xanion)

[spoiler=See the ship]02AEAA9FCF5E6E7D49460B3B13E914C52AC873B9

Name origin: Niseko~oi

A hollow station made from thin slanted rock slices (wonder where those come from ???), which can cover friendly ships with her massive shield and resilient hull, though she might be weak against railguns compared to the usual armor-heavy CII designs ::).




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[move]Page 6[/move]


Reserved for Ogonite :) !

So that, next time you see an update, there may be (almost?) all the Ogonite ships, and on my part I won't have to build, test, upload to the Workshop, screenshot stats and write the blurb of all those Ogonite ships at the same time, cause it sure was exhausting work for the Trinium ones, ugh ::)...


Oh, there's a treat anyway

Bellator-class Superdestroyer (358 424 842 cr, 6 822 950 Iron, 351 753 Titanium, 2 776 000 Naonite, 6 772 847 Trinium, 7 770 814 Xanion, 8 616 829 Ogonite)

[spoiler=See the ship]587308ED9E87A6D1833CC49C53E889708ADBA9E3

Name origin: An adorable?


(Note: true Hyperspace cooldown is a little more than 1000 seconds, and reach around 27 sectors.)

Hours after the CII opened the Astral Gate, several ships patrolling the gate system went missing. Of course the dumb ones got the gracious idea of traipsing through the Gate to the Inner Sphere, including a Konno-class Heavy Destroyer.

So the CII ordered itself to make a bigger ship than a Konno to officially inaugurate the Gate and secure its gatekeepers from oncoming Xsotan surges.

A dark sub-cult of the CII somehow assembled together from imperial extremists from a bygone nation and war, a conjured being of darkness in the shape of a she-soldier at their head. They knew about the new construction technique the CII devised for ships larger than Destroyers: making those ships out of modules which were ships. And the first was a Heavy Destroyer-sized effigy of her own head, waddling around while being able to house more than eighty thousand crewmen. Then were made a thruster-filled saucer, a scorpion-tail-like engine and torpedo section, and a matching pair of offense- and defense- specialized wings.

The assembly took unprecedented amounts of time, resources and recruiting efforts, and even by filling two Kaamthaar-class Heavy Buses with engineers and mechanics to crew it, the prototype called CII Tenebris was barely at half minimal capacity, and had to crew herself with the help of the Astral Gate Guardians and the Xanion Yard again, then go on a recruiting rampage at the nearest faction.

That ship has only one official hardpoint, a size-20 coaxial railgun that she had to build beyond the Gate during her maiden voyage. The rest of the hardpoints are made of improvised turrets, soldier camps, and even individual guards on her hat.

Said maiden voyage was abnormally long, but uneventful. The Konno has been found kind of dumbfounded and didn't withstand any Xsotan attack, laying clueless around some of her own fighters which may have followed her though the wormhole.


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Hi Kamo


I like your Kazumu.  It’s a great design.

I also liked the way you built in your banner into some of your ships.



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Yaay ! Though I wonder what the Kazumu is *searches frantically :)*

Your banners are much better 8)

That forum really needs a "plus", "thumbs up", "like" or even "reaction" feature for the Creations galleries !

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[move]Annex A[/move]

Mobile Ordnance


Z-00 Crumplepaper-class Irongrade Cargo Shuttle (7 795 Iron, 53,35k Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]2C02CC2B8B815D69FF19F85632923712B63484FD

Name origin: A "supersonic" paper plane from the Walter Melon series.

The strange "goddess of cuteness" responsible for the Ainen-class War Scavenger has also designed a plane made of folded paper and very thin iron circuitry which can somehow act as a cargo shuttle. The plane burns itself to propell its contents and iron circuitry to its target, then the target makes a new one by an easily automated folding procedure, out of completely renewable paper and reusable iron.



Zuom Cloarth-class Irongrade Force Fighter (4 687 Iron, 19,29k Production (pessimistic estimate?))

[spoiler=See the ship]6B8A9D4B9EC26CF8E6CD69298C86AA2D44FFD02C

Name origin: A spider-like monster from Chaos Legion, a "gothic opera/hack and slasher" video game.

Trinium's curious consistency and properties actually stirred research on a new class of craft, as one day a hollowed-out cargo bay was found, crawling with strange maggot-like things that nested there and crawled at incredible, ship-like speeds when we tried to capture them, using magnetic fields to slow down vehicles and mobile tools sent at them.

CII engineers, plucky as most of them are, managed nonetheless to capture, breed and use them as remote-controlled bioweapons able to bog down enemy ships in hordes.



Dralthiken-class Irongrade Bolter Fighter (1 307 Iron, 1,49k Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]39C25AAC76FEEDB4BEC027CAEB56EE685BDCB4A4

Name origin: Mix between Dralthi and shuriken.

As soon as Hangar technology was invented, Kilrathi CII engineers repurposed their common Dralthi fighter as a semi-automatic fighter. The Kilrathi Fralthra carriers would scrounge around their hangars with their pincers to send them like ninja stars, so the CII rechristened the model "Dralthiken" as an homage.



Yariddle-class Titaniumgrade Bolter Fighter (6 730 Titanium, 72,49k Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]56ED4C9689EF7E95F1E22E34EC51D19F43BE953E

Name origin: The "-ddle" fighter classes are organized like a Patapon army, a yari is a type of spear.

When Hangar technology was invented, it spurred a breakthrough in cuddle power armor research, as magnetic fields would be used to make the armor float as well as their aerostatic occupants. The magnetic fields cycle remotely through a rythm that make the armor advance, rythm that's emitted by war drums.

This allows cuddles in power armor to destroy enemy ships by manually throwing spears at them.



Tateddle-class Naonitegrade Laser Fighter (8 594 Naonite, 0,22m Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]413A79B123A2B5C90E394EAD029A29FC5A86092C

Name origin: The "-ddle" fighter classes are organized like a Patapon army, a tate is a type of shield.

While cuddle power armor was developed, a number of power weapons have been developed, one being a fighter-sized version of the Hammer Shield Gun produced on ever-spawning unreal tormenting arena-planets. Paired with a industrial lightsaber, the Tateddle can support the destruction of enemies while "tanking damage", albeit somewhat ineffectively due to the scale difference from ship to fighter.

The Tateddle was, despite everything, a disaster, as the fighter wasn't blessed with any true shield health.

The shield on the nose is a graphical bug. It shouldn't be there on the published design. Feel free to remove it if it's still there ;).



Automaton-class Naonitegrade Plasma Fighter (7 060 Naonite, 0,15m Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]D80D6FFA6B4601B8F10E2D24993D74584C8FC3D4

Name origin: The Automatons from NieR Automata

A dying alien race that apparently ravaged a Earthlike planet near the Avorion Hill had to retreat while the Xsotan arrived. Their ships were destroyed by the Xsotan but their automatons have been recuperated around the Trinium Reaches. Made of Titanium and Naonite, those machines use a hive-mind protosentience to achieve advanced synchronized dodging, and fire nice explosive balls of plasma.

Their contribution to the CII is pretty much without fault, except the Automatons want extensive lodgings and repair facilities.



Yumiddle-class Triniumgrade Launcher Fighter (13 580 Trinium, 0,98m Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]BF76C4BF2F16ACA32717276479BB56BA022053C0

Name origin: The "-ddle" fighter classes are organized like a Patapon army, a yumi is a type of bow.

Among cuddle power armor weaponry, the bow of infinite explosive arrows was a tricky one to make, as sophisticated quiver-to-hand arrow transfer machinery has to be built inside the suit. Cuddles use their personal magnetic field not only to pilot the suit but also bend the bowstring, and steer arrows towards enemies. Their suits also have been made slows despite being made of Trinium, as to not be faster than the Tateddles who tank for them.



Reaper Attack Pot-class Triniumgrade Railgun Fighter (22 376 Trinium, 2,66m Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]3678756DAB2096B7A1CC39606F614A5216068A14

Name origin: The Sea Reapers from Giants: Citizen Kabuto

A lot of the sentient plant life from the CII are very pacifistic, especially the humanoids. Those plant women have had a pretty long self-defense course on a fragment of a magical planet where sea sorceresses reign.

Those have made special pots for them to draw massive amounts of magnetic energy from the telluric essence and the magic-infused soil, propelling magical bolts of force through a temporarily manifested magnetic rail to anything that doesn't attack first. And they're usually going topless so almost everyone gives them initiative by gallantry and lustful contemplation.

Reaper Attack Pots are usually used for station defense purposes.



Kibaddle-class Xaniongrade Bolter Fighter (5 877 Xanion, 0,33m Production)

[spoiler=See the ship]506AA20287D1F1E2A3DC129CA6198E6F4BDD07E8

Name origin: The "-ddle" fighter classes are organized like a Patapon army, kiba means "horse-rider" in Japanese.

Cuddle power armor is already pretty fast for what it is, but ships are often faster than them so those "fighters" sometimes cannot close the gap with their target. But the Idolatric Initiative has already salvaged large amounts of wreckage with lots of tiny engines, and a technique has been recently developed to seat cuddle power armor onto tightly-leashed wild engines, reinventing cavalry.

Those lance-throwing cavaliers are at least half faster and much deadlier than usual Yariddles.


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Hi Kamo


Since coming  back to the game, i have not used fighters.

Are Fighters responsive?

Are they worthwhile for mining?

Do they do lots of damage during a fight?


By the way, your fighters look cool.  Which one is your favorite?

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Fighters aren't responsive while attacking: it's necessary to retarget... unless you tell them to defend your ship !

Or if the carrier is AI-controlled and set to Attack All Enemies ::).


They can do lots of damage, as one fighter does a third of a slot of damage, so a squad made of a 4-slot cannon should do as much damage as the original cannon :).


Fighters are absolutely awesome for mining and especially salvaging because they do not get stuck at all. They can also inherit a single mining laser's stats, so it's very easy to duplicate the highest efficiency of all of them 8).

The reason why I'm currently not playing in Survival is that I want to wage a little war, but in the Naonite Belt :P so I'm waiting either for salvagers to not get stuck anymore (and wow the Magic Kappa is a very bad design attack-angle-wise, but it's voluntary)... or for Hangars to become available at lower materials !


My favorite ? Yumiddles because of the river of explosions, also their missiles are wonderful to kill enemy fighters ! Though Automatons are incredibly practical to get rid of shields on large targets such as stations and bosses, those it seems lately all bosses (maybe except the AI) got overhauled with amazing point defense.

I had to send a Konno while firing with a Namatemago to destroy the Mobile Energy Lab and it barely worked, that was eleven torpedoes a salvo ! Damned mad scientist appeared 9 km away from my Rikka (rather big bait, alas) and blew it up with extreme prejudice.

Next time I'll make a "anti-MEL" Heavy Destroyer in the shape of a closed book, the outer layer made entirely of stone, it'll be more economical for Survival and I'll try to make her "compatible" with the Konno so she would morph in and out of it without losing cargo, fighters or torpedoes. I'll call it the Histoire-class :D.

Edit: There. (It's in the Utility Ships. Maybe the 20-meter stone thickness wasn't necessary at all, but while testing no damage was taken from heavy lightning gun fire :). Also, a Destroyer made of 127 blocks (actually less, I didn't merge some internal armor). And I used Computer Cores too :D ! It's not very large for it's thickness though, and there's not much text because I'm skirting the character limit ???.)

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Due to the drastic changes brought by the 0.21 patch making small ships and maintaining a realistic amount of fleet power around stations impossible, I will not be making ships anymore, or playing the game, for that matter :( (unless to test my next gaming rig because Avorion was the most demanding one).


I understand the real reason why those changes were put in place (it isn't a "balance" issue at all, but due to the engine and how it loads and unloads sectors and how it would have needed great changes to make it possible for thousands of captained ships to patrol and trade around), and I respect that decision :-[.


That game was pretty good when it lasted and I hope someone would have the idea of making a 4X game with similar ship construction, but designed to allow widescale galactic conquest ::).


Edit: Due to those tweets from koonschi~

The game engine also isn't laid out for those massive amounts of ships moving and being simulated in dozens of sectors (hence the configurable cap in MP), and it will simply result in bad performance (no more CPU) or crashes (no more RAM).

And we've got our hands full already with improving performance, which then in turn leads to players building more ships, filling those performance gains until it crashes again. Making the game look bad to uninformed people.

So yeah, instead of just making a hard cap of, say, 20 or 50 ships, we're doing a moddable soft cap suggesting that at some point maybe you should stop building more and new ships, simply because the engine WILL break at some point.

I may still play this game after all, depending on how the game will evolve, as maybe one day the engine would be reworked. But I probably won't work a tenth as much on CII designs (hoping for a "empire-building" update that might never come :-\) and focus on other things (Boarding-based campaign? Solitary fleet campaign?).

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Too bad Kamo, you were very active here on this site and I like your ships.

I use this game to prepare myself for dual universe. I also build in empyrion but those ship are 'small'


Maybe  I will meet you in the next game (Dual Universe)

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