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Turkish translation?


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Hello! My name is Omar and I am from Turkey. I am 21 years old and currently in uni studying on mecatronik engineering. This game is my childhood dream came true and my most played favorite game already. That's why I really want to help the devs and translating it to Turkish is best i can do about it. My country has a good gaming market but one very well known problem about it is very few gamers knows English good enough or any at all. I am seeing a lot of people who are not buying or playing certain games just because they can't understand the language even though they loved it! So I believe by translating it to Turkish will benefit this games community and devs budget greatly. If you consider this i would be very glad to help.


As i mentioned i am still in uni and I wont be available during school time, but at summer and mid seasons i will be free to work on it and do my best to catch up. If not school season I usually play the game for quite some hours so will be able to gladly spend that time with translating and helping the devs.


Thank you

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