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Computer Freeze and wipe of the Galaxy Seed

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So it happened again. After a client crash to desktop, my Computer froze at restarting the game.

After a hard reset  Steam could no longer find Avorion on startup and had to “find” the old files upon a new installation. After starting the galaxy again, my computer froze 10 sec after loading.

Upon checking the galaxy logs I found that my galaxy seed which was the same as the galaxy name was set to 0.

The last thing that happened before the first crash was that some Xsotan warped in. 


Upon restarting a 3rd time, the game starts normally but my ship is in an empty sector inside a Space-Time rift. Also my fighter Squads have been wiped.

Upon manually restoring the galaxy seed in the ini-file everything but my current sector seemed restored to normal.
















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