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Feedback and suggestions to the current state of mining and salvaging


I really like salvaging and blowing up the ships feels really satisfying. Even with the new changes it is still really efficient in the later stages of the game, especially if you find derelict stations.

In the early game I felt the scrapyards to be useless since there were simply no useful wracks that were worth the time. This is mostly because all the ships in the scrapyard or wrecks you find are very small.

In the mid to late game the only problem I had, was that I couldn’t get any decent amount of Iron since Iron has no efficient blocks.


Mining felt mostly unrewarding and boring to me. This is not about the amount of resources gained but more because of the game mechanics of mining. There is no surprise in mining an asteroid, there is also no skill or really active component involved. I fly to the asteroid press my mouse and wait. If it is a really big asteroid, I use a mouse macro to not press my mouse and than wait even longer.

In contrast in salvaging I first have to look for a good wreck (in a scrapyard) than find the good parts, maneuver around and change weapons repeatedly to destroy armor/blocks that are in the way. I even get nice surprises with loot.

Another part is that I feel no visual impact of my mining. Especially with the large asteroids the only progress I really see is the decreased number of resources in my target overview.

Suggestion: Rework of Asteroids


I feel mining would be much more fun if the way resource asteroids are generated would be reworked. Instead of a humongous mass of resources,  normal asteroids should have resource veins in them. The veins would have a higher density of resources than the current asteroids.

It would make searching for suitable asteroids a part of mining process, instead of just looking on the map and picking the nearest resource asteroid.

I also think rarer bigger rewards are more satisfying than a constant stream of small steady progress/reward.

If a part of the veins would be completely hidden from the outside, the mining system upgrade would even get a use.


Another thing to make mining feel more rewarding could be loot drops of gems, rare metals etc.


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