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Lac's contribution to the dark side

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Now, we all know the universe is filled with very angry aliens and all but most of them settle down with just being evil, rather than also looking evil. And ofc theres no problem in that but we all know that what makes a villain to be super is.....PRESENTATION (thank you Megamind for that)


So ya'll good guys sit tight while I explain my evil plan...Starting with:



"I find your lack of pointy edges...disturbing" - some Sith lord... probably







Summary: for all you lonely evil doers out there....are you looking for a place to share your experiences of uber planetary annihilation? Or perhaps looking for gossips about certain fancy minerals to put on your fancy golden glove? Or even perhaps you're a simple man and just want to grab a cup of blood of the innocents? Well then, look no further... the Evil Lair 9001 is the place for you. Our installations can not only host every outlaw in the galaxy (as long as they dont come in bulks of 40k) but it also provides ours guests with a range of fine exclusive services, such as:

  • Torture On Demand
  • Pay per Kill
  • Money & Cloth - Laundry services
  • Pohr N hub - alien television


Alot of you would think "oh em gee... all that evilness must require a lot energy"...well fear not...our evil station is equiped with its own very small star, providing so much energy everyone aboard can simultaneously reheat their lunch in the microwave of evil up to 6 TIMES!


"UNLIMITED POWAHHHHHHHHHHHH" - <insert starwars meme>




caution is advised: should the core become unstable the sun inside it will collapse in a humongous explosion of disappointment


If you're still not convinced that this is DA EVIL PLACE for you, then check this solid facts:







D.E.L 9001 will be available at your nearest Evil post as soon as our captain finish beating the working crew with jumper cables ...and putting some easter eggs. Link coming soon! Very soon....or...is it? muhuhuhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


This is part I of my evil plan...


so for those with not-so-much-of-a-bright mind, there's more coming up




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I really love how you're "keeping it real" with the mspaint edits on the screenshots  ;D


Otherwise, that's a mighty "damned" ship. I get a very real from the planes of Oblivion feel from it.


If we ever get to make our own evil npc factions, this going to get a lot of use from me. (Yeah sorry, I'm a good guy at heart that likes to deliver justice with my liberty cannons)

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