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[15.1]Build mode block view mode freezes everything

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I need an expert confirming this but i just witnessed the 5th big ice age.

After a certain block# the block view mode freezes the game completely. It started with maybe 20 second freezes but would eventually do what its supposed to do and only show the specific block.

The most recent use of the view mode however froze my whole PC. I tried force closing Avorion but it didnt respond. Firefox crashed in the meantime and Steam, Discord and Photo Viewer said farewell. Adobe PDF Viewer was the last one standing as the mayham passed by.


Now i have no idea if my CPU, GPU or RAM filled up but a quadcore at 4.1GHz, 32GB ram and a 1070 should cover most problems you throw at it.

hope you had a nice read :D

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I can confirm this. This happened to me twice in a modded server but to get absolute confirmation I deleted my game files and reinstalled them to get a fresh game, created a a new creative game and both times I tried it happened as well.


The process is simple:

You start any game, go to any ship go to build mode and go to the block viewer.

The window should open up fine. You can click on both drop down lists fine.

As soon as you click on any option in either of those drop down lists the game will freeze.

The music will keep on rolling and you will still be able to ctrl+alt+del or go to desktop or whatever for 10-15secs after the freeze occurred.

Once that time is up then the whole PC will freeze and you'll get the typical sound of a blue screen of death although it never gets to that point. It shows that the game is trying something cause the music goes back to normal once in a while before going all to shit again. It's never absolute freeze per say.

If you wait it out enough, step out to desktop before the seconds run out and press the right buttons and patient enough you can get out of the freeze and be able to shut the game down with the task manager. However force shutting down the PC may be the sensible way out unless you profit the first 10-15secs or liberty after the initial freeze to quickly go to task manager and force it to shut down you can come out fine.

In a nutshell it's a nasty nasty bug

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